Remember vote with your dollar.

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#101 Posted by recroulette (5446 posts) -

I'm going to vote YES with my dollar.

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#102 Posted by phish09 (1115 posts) -

Since when are games $100?  And why does buying Call of Duty mean that you are going to buy the map packs?  I'll probably end up playing Modern Warfare 3 for the single player campaign, and maybe play a few hours of multiplayer and I don't see why anyone would have a problem with that.  Why buy any game?  You're basically saying.  Vote with your dollars...don't buy video games.  Why would I be into video games if I didn't want to play them?  Or why would I want to play video games and not support the developers that are making them?  
I with your dollars; buy whatever games you enjoy playing.  End of story.

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#103 Posted by Arker101 (1484 posts) -

Unfortunately, if my friends get this game, I'll be forced to as well.  

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#104 Posted by StrainedEyes (1365 posts) -

I have no interest in playing two modern military shooters, that take place in real major cities, this holiday season. And given where the two franchises are at this point, it seems like a no brainer to pick Battlefield 3 over Modern Warfare 3. 

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#105 Posted by TekZero (3375 posts) -

Even if every one of us boycotts the game, it will still sell millions worldwide and become another blockbuster.  It's inevitable. 
All this is pointless. 

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#106 Posted by Robot_Sneakers (418 posts) -

This may be the COD that I skip, I'll hopefully be playing all the new RPGs and Gears.

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#107 Posted by Empirepaintball (1466 posts) -
@groin said:
I will buy the game and it will outsell your favorite franchise/game at least 2 to 1.
I smell a fanboy!
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#108 Posted by groin (869 posts) -
@Empirepaintball said:
@groin said:
I will buy the game and it will outsell your favorite franchise/game at least 2 to 1.
I smell a fanboy!
Deal with it.
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#109 Posted by spiltmilk04 (9 posts) -
@Truant19 said:
Don't support this guys, come on.   If you buy this game you are telling activision you enjoy buying small iterations to the same game every year. You enjoy paying $15 every few months for a few maps. You support the idea of a $100 a year for a game you still need to buy every year.
Midnight Purchase.
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#110 Posted by pweidman (2590 posts) -

I'll buy it and enjoy the campaign at least twice, and spec-ops for a few weeks.  Well worth the purchase price.  Paying for mp maps won't happen.  
Getting BF3 instead would be a much more compelling argument.
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#111 Posted by coaxmetal (1817 posts) -

I'm not going to buy it for the same reason I didn't buy black ops -- I got bored of this kind of game after the second one of these.

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#112 Posted by Khadyn (242 posts) -

I won't buy this til Jeff does a QL with the multiplayer and hearing his opinion (yeah yeah..same shit..same 13yr old aim still an option). Damn I miss old school online FPS games on PC :(

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#113 Posted by Twitchey (962 posts) -

I like Call Of Duty for your information. It's like Heroin, it's bad for you, BUT IT IS SO FUCKING GOOD!!!

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