Carmen the Whale

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    A friend of Rayman's who is trapped in an electrical cage. Once freed, she gives you air to help you swim deeper.

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    Carmen the Whale is a character in Rayman 2: The Great Escape. She is first seen swimming around in the main menu screen. Her first (and only) appearance in the actual game comes in the Whale Bay. She was held prisoner there by the Robot Pirates, who wanted to use her blubber for fuel/oil. When Rayman rescues her, she helps him by leaving a trail of bubbles, allowing Rayman to breathe underwater. Rayman is able to follow her until near the end of the level.

    Version Differences

    The scenario in the previous paragraph takes place in Rayman 2 for the N64. In the PS1 version, Carmen leads Rayman to the Sanctuary of Water and Ice, instead of the end of the Whale Bay level.

    In Rayman 2: The great escape (for the Dreamcast), Carmen makes an additional appearance outside the Sanctuary of Stone and Fire, in the ocean. She is needed to gain access to this level.

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