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    A small publishing company dedicated to bringing lesser-known Japanese PC games to Western audiences.

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    Carpe Fulgur was originally founded in December of 2009 by the two friends Andrew Dice and Robin Light-Williams with one goal in mind, to localize interactive entertainment products from Japan to North America and Europe while trying to stay as close to the source material as possible. Nicholas Carson was also brought aboard to assist them with 2D graphics and interface work.

    The name Carpe Fulgur is latin and a variation on the classic exhortation 'Carpe Diem' (Seize the day) in the sense nothing worth doing can be done without risk. Both Andrew and Robin felt that it symbolized their situation very well in how they are taking a big risk trying to localize stuff with such a little team and budget.

    Their first commerical release was Recettear: An Item Shop's Tale that was released on Steam the September 10, 2010. Recettear was stated by the localization studio to be an, 'overwhelming success'. And that while they were not set for life, Carpe Fulgur had more than enough regular income and assets to run for a year or more without producing another title.

    Their second title Chantelise was released on Steam and GamersGate on July 29, 2011. Their third title Fortune Summoners was released on GOG and Steam on January 30, 2012. Their most recent title was This Starry Midnight We Make, released on Steam on June 1st 2015.


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