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    The race of androids in the Phantasy Star Online and Phantasy Star Universe series.

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    CASTs in Phantasy Star Online

    In  the Phantasy Star Online series, CASTs are known as androids. They have HP renewal over time, and the ability to see and use traps, but cannot use Techniques (magic spells). CASTs have high ATP (Attack Power), high DFP (Defense Power) and the highest ATA (Attack Accuracy), making them excellent at melee and ranged classes. They're magic stat, MST (Technique Power) is permanently zero points.

    CASTS in Phantasy Star Universe

    Typical CAST male in PSU.
    Typical CAST male in PSU.
    In the Phantasy Star Universe series, CASTs are originally created by humans for labor, artificially created life forms, CASTs, primarily live on and rule the planet Parum. Because their spiritual abilities are less than that of the other species, they are unskilled with TECHNICs, but they excel with guns due to their precise mechanical abilities. They comprise the majority of the Allied Military Force (AMF), and there are complaints of anti-CAST bias in the AMF.  When infected by the SEED, they can turn hostile and attack friendly forces. They also have the ability to wield huge weapons called "SUV weapons."
    As a playable race, CASTs have almost the same stats as they did in Phantasy Star Online: Blue Burst but with one major difference. They have access to TECHNICs but boast a low TP (TECHNIC power) stats, making them less desirable as TECHNIC-using classes (Forces). 


    Historical Background (Phantasy Star Universe)

     CASTs were originally created by humans as laborers, but problems arose when sentient CASTs began demanding rights. As a result of their war for independence, a system of CAST supremacy over humans was established.

    After the CAST supremacy was established, Parum welcomed a period of overwhelming peace, unheard of in the days when the lands were divided by human-controlled governments. Ironically, the "dangers of machine rule" that were touted by human politicians during the war never manifested, and the reality is that the social system was welcomed by the majority of the public who wished only for peace.

    They are machines, and hence rationalists. Their strong point is in management, but because of their inflexibility, they are disinterested in the subtleties of human emotion.


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