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    Cecilia Lynne Adlehyde

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    A young mage from the Curan Abbey magic school. She's one of the three protagonists of Wild Arms.

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    Cecilia's prologue story takes place in Curan Abbey. She is the princess of Adlehyde and is being schooled in the art of magic. Before graduating she learns of her bloodline's connection to the Guardians, ancient beings who have protected Filgaia but are now weak and in danger of being killed off by the Metal Demons. After leaving the abbey, she teams up with Jack van Burace and Rudy Roughnight to save the planet.


     Leaving the abbey for the first time
     Leaving the abbey for the first time
    Cecilia plays an important part of the group as she holds the Tear Drop crystal and is the main link of communication between the heroes and the Guardians. After the attack on Adlehyde that claims her father, she uses Jack's sword to cut off a long lock of her hair: this is to symbolise the end of what she perceived to be weakness and mark a new beginning of hope. Cecilia's in-game sprite and 3D character model changes after this event.


    In Wild Arms, Cecilia acquires the following tools:
    • Teardrop Crystal - a key story item, used in many puzzles
    • Pocketwatch - a watch that can reverse time if you get stuck in a puzzle
    • Wand - can be used to communicate with animals by tapping them on the head with it
    • Vase - puts out fires
    In Wild Arms Alter Code: F, Cecilia's tools are:
    • Tinder staff - can light up objects
    • Magic staff - can be used to communicate with animals
    • Change staff - used to manipulate gems in puzzles
    • Wind staff - produces small tornadoes


    Cecilia is the only party member who can use magic spells (although Jack also consumes MP through his Fast Draw techniques). New spells are learned by acquiring crest graphs and taking them to a spell shop so the vendor can bind magical properties to it.  

    Force Abilities

    Wild Arms has a force system that is similar to limit breaks, and each character has four force commands that consume the meter. Cecilia's are:
    • Mystic - unlock the hidden power of an item
    • Summon Guardian - summons a Guardian
    • High Guardian - summons the hidden power of a Guardian
    • Duel Cast - cast two spells in a single turn

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