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Rudy's prologue story takes place in Surf Village and deals with the themes of isolation and exclusion for being different. After leaving the village, he teams up with Jack van Burace and Princess Cecilia to save Filgaia from the Metal Demons. Rudy is a silent protagonist, and although Wild Arms never explicitly names a single lead character, this quality suggests that Rudy is the main protagonist (he does however have a single line of text). 


 The boss of Rudy's prologue
 The boss of Rudy's prologue
Continuing from the prologue story, Rudy's story focuses on isolation and difference. During an event in the story, Rudy's arm is severed and he is discovered to be a holmcross - an artificially created weapon sharing the same traits as the Metal Demons that the group is fighting. The holmcross units were destroyed as people feared them as weapons of mass destruction, but Rudy was adopted by Zepet, taking on the role of a grandfather and teaching him what it means to be human. Because of this, he avoided the fate of becoming a mindless weapon like other holmcross.


Rudy has the natural ability to use, or "synchronize" with a great variety of ARMs (Ancient Relic Machines). In Wild Arms, it is rare for a person to be able to use even a single ARM. The power, accuracy, and bullet capacity of each ARM can be upgraded in each town to increase Rudy's effectiveness in combat. ARMs can also be reloaded at these locations, or a bullet pack can be used if traversing a dungeon or the world map. 
  • Hand Cannon - default ARM, attacks a single enemy
  • Prism Laser - targets group
  • Rocket Launcher - powerful attack on one enemy
  • Twin Orbs - orbs circle enemy for damage
  • Bazooka - targets group
  • Phazer - beam attack on a single enemy
  • Wild Bunch - light based attack on single enemy
  • Arc Smash - light based attack on single enemy

Force Abilities

Wild Arms uses a force system similar to limit breaks. Rudy's force abilities are:
  • ARM Lock-On - fires an ARM at 100% accuracy
  • Summon Guardian - calls a Guardian to battle
  • Protector - guards allies from attack
  • Fury Shot - fires an ARM with attack power tripled


Rudy's tools are different depending on the game. From the original Wild Arms
  1. Bomb: Used to blow up rocks, boxes, and other obstacles.
  2. Radar: Used to reveal the location of hidden treasure on the current screen.
  3. Roller Skates: Used to move quickly in a straight line over otherwise impassable obstacles, such as going against conveyor belts.
  4. Power Gloves: Used for smashing.
From the remake of the original Wild Arms, Wild Arms: Alter Code F
  1. Bomb: Used to blow up rocks, boxes, and other obstacles.
  2. Radar: Used to reveal the location of hidden treasure on the current screen.
  3. Mighty Glove: Used to manipulate boxes.
  4. Grenade: Basically a thrown bomb.

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