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Jack 's role in combat is akin to a warrior. His attack and speed stats are the highest of the party, and his chosen weapon is a sword. His personality is the most care-free of the trio, and provides some light-hearted moments in what is mostly a serious-toned RPG. Jack's prologue story takes place in the Temple of Memory, where he is seeking 'absolute power' to confront what happened in his past. It is revealed that in his former life as guard in Arctica (a scene relating to this can be viewed by leaving the game for a few minutes at the 'press start' screen), his name was Garret Stampede.


 Jack navigating the Temple of Memory
 Jack navigating the Temple of Memory
Jack's desire for power stems from guilt. In his former life as a Fenril Knight of Arctica, he was the only survivor of the Metal Demon attack that saw the reclaimation of Mother's inactive body (see Wild Arms story). A fellow knight, Elmina (who he has feelings for), delayed the demons allowing for Jack's survival (this scene can be viewed by leaving the game at the 'press start' screen for a few moments). He abandons his life as Garret Stampede and becomes Jack Van Burace (this surname is a play on words as he was the Vambrace of the Fenril Knights). During the game, it is revealed that Elmina didn't die, but became Lady Harken of the Quarter Knights. He kills her knowing that it is her only true release, however, a side quest involving the Guardian of Time allows Jack to reincarnate Elmina.


 In Wild Arms, Jack's tools are: 
  • Hanpan - used to open treasure and hit switches that are otherwise inaccessible
  • Lighter - used to start fires which are often required to solve puzzles
  • Grappling hook - used to propel himself across gaps
  • Guitar - used to start a random encounter and to call certain special bosses
 In Wild Arms Alter Code: F, the lighter is replaced with jump boots. 

Fast Draw

 Jack's special combat skill is the Fast Draw. Throughout the game, certain events will trigger Jack to have an idea for a new technique. A command called "????" will show up in the battle menu; sometimes it will perform a regular attack, but after a few tries Jack will learn a new fast draw that can then be used at any time (provided he has enough magic points). A rare item called a Secret Sign can be used on any Fast Draw to reduce its MP consumption by a single point. 
  • Psycho Crack - attack that can cause confusion
  • Sonic Buster - Wind-element attack that targets groups
  • Meteor Dive - powerful Fire-element attack
  • Trickster - attack that sees Hanpan attempt to steal
  • Heal Blade - heals an ally
  • Soul Breaker - can cause instant death
  • Divide Shot - can 1/2 an opponent's health
  • Blast Charge - strong physical damage and splash damage to non-target enemies
  • Slash Rave - numerous attacks determined by Luck stat
  • Guild Blade - strong physical attack
  • Shadow Bind - attack that can cause paralysis
  • Dark Sweep - Dark-element attack
  • Magnum Fang - strong physical attack, Lady Harken's trademark Fast Draw
  • Phaser Zapp - attacks with all elements
  • Cosmic Nova - strong physical attack on all enemies
  • Void - can cause instant death to all enemies
  • Trump Card - damage determined by amount of HP remaining

Force Abilities

Wild Arms features a force system that is similar to a limit break. Jack's force abilities are:
  • Accelerator - ensures Jack has the first turn in combat
  • Summon Guardian - summons a Guardian to the battle
  • Sonic Vision - attack with increased speed and power
  • Double Attack - execute two commands in a single turn

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