Christopher Thorndyke

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    Christopher Thorndyke is a human companion of the Sonic the Hedgehog whose first appearance in a video game was in the Sonic X Leapster game.

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    Christopher 'Chris' Thorndyke is the son of his WASP parents Nelson and Lindsey Thorndyke and the human protagonist in the Anime Sonic X Series. He is an ally to Sonic and his friends.

    Chris is a 12 year old rich child who lives in his parents Mansion along with his Grandfather Chuck Thorndyke, Butler Mr. Tanaka and Housemaid Ella who supports him while his parents are away for business as his father Nelson is the president of his Software Company and mother Lindsey is a Hollywood Actress making her own movies.

    Chris met Sonic the Hedeghog for the first time when he feel into his pool and becomes his friendly companion along with his allies to support him on his adventures for the Chaos Emeralds to stop the infamous mad scientist Dr. Eggman until they can get back home to their planet.


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