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Even in Another World, Chrono Cross shines bright. 1

    During an era where RPG's were played by taking turns and polygons ruled the world, a very well-renowned classic would see its epic story continue in three-dimensions.  Chrono Cross is a game developed by a then Squaresoft, who had just brought the gaming world to its knees with the releases of Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy VIII.  Chrono Cross, is a quasi-sequel to the original Chrono Trigger that received tremendous success and response from the Nintendo community.  Chrono Cross utili...

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Re-visit of old classic 0

 OK, I lied. I never played this game before but thought that it would be more logical to have such title. Why else would you want to play game from year 2000 nine years later. Well simply put and bit of background on me. I've been into videogames for closer to 25 years and even though I've been always interested in RPG's, but still I've missed most great JRPG's. Having just recently picked up and finished Chrono Trigger for DS (which btw is something I will return to for other endings one day, ...

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Chrono Cross is a disappointing sequel, but overall a great RPG. 0

I remember when Chrono Cross was released and wasn't blown away in the least.  Chrono Cross didn't live up to the hype by the media (Gamespot gave it a 10, EGM gave it a 10).  It didn't live up to Chrono Trigger's standards either.  It was ultimately a disappointing sequel to one of the greatest games ever made.  Chrono Trigger did so many things right that Chrono Cross just doesn't even toy with.  For one, they tossed out the idea of a 'on field battle' that Chrono Trigger did with ease.  In Ch...

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A game everyone must play 0

Chrono Cross is a epic adventure with the best graphics and playability on the genre. Its the very fist classic RPG game of all time. Every aspect of its structure is perfect acomplished. The best thing overall is the soundtrack, Master piece!!  Great visuals, great characters, great spells, great story, multiple endings and beautiful art.  Every character have an intersting story (except pierre), with three diferent special attack and in some cases multiple special. Its shame that dont exist a ...

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A worthy sequel 0

Chrono Cross managed to achieve the impossible -- It appealed to hardcore RPGers as well as the more casual fangurl/boi culture that spawned out of the publication of Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy VII. It was deep yet easy to pick up, it was beautiful, and it was fun.While the plot was not directly related to Chrono Trigger initially, there are deep ties between the two that you discover as you progress. The game takes place on an archapelago somewhere to the south (if I recall correctly) of ...

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Chrono Cross Review 0

Chrono Cross was met with mixed opinions when it was released. Though the majority of critics hailed it for its spectacular presentation and original design, many fans of its predecessor, Chrono Trigger, were disappointed, and the fanbase was divided over the fact that Chrono Cross wasn't a true sequel. While it's a sequel to Trigger, Chrono Cross has a drastically different approach to virtually every aspect of its presentation. The art direction is more colorful and varied, while the game's to...

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An enjoyable RPG title for RPG fans and starters. 0

I cannot believe I didn't finish this amazing peice of gem earlier in my life.I gave up because of sheer boredom but now,after playing it,I have proven myself wrong.This game is absolutely fun and has a really great storyline.The backtracking (No teleportation items,walking back to the start of a dungeon, etc.) may be tedious,but don't cry,this game is pretty easy.Gameplay 8/10The bad thing in this game is that the townspeople pretty much doesn't tell you any clue on where to go next.I found mys...

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One of the best Rpgs I've played 2

Chrono Cross is an Rpg set in the island archipelago of El Nido. You follow the adventure of the silent protagonist Serge. The plot begins with as all Rpgs do, with a simple quest in an uninteresting village. Serge soon finds himself through a series of events in an alternate dimension, where he was never born. He quickly tries to figure out what's going on when he is attacked by a couple of knights. A bandit by the name of Kid shows up to help him and that's where the story begins.  The combat...

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A True PS1 Classic 0

Chrono Cross is the sequel to the 1995 Super Nintendo RPG, Chrono Trigger. You play as Serge, a young boy with beach clothes and spiky blue hair. A couple hours into the game, you discover a second world identical to Serge's, except that in this world, Serge died when he was ten years old. The remaining Serge is being hunted by a man with a cat's face (cleverly named Lynx) because Serge unknowingly holds the key to saving or destroying all worlds. If you can't tell already, Chrono Cross was made...

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Radical dreams come true. 0

My review begins with a story. Last semester I decided to borrow Chrono Cross from a friend. I'd owned it at one point but had only gotten through about 3/4 of the game before distraction set it and I moved on. As an avowed fan of Chrono Trigger, however, I knew I had to go back and play through it at least once. I decided to start playing through it again a few weekends before finals week, with mounds of papers waiting to be finished. "Oh, I'll just start playing for a little while." After a fe...

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Just finished, but want to play again! 0

The true test of a great game is the desire of the player to want to revisit the game after it has been completed.  Chrono Cross had that exact effect on myself, and I'm sure it had the same effect on many of the players who have beat it over the years.  The story of the game was a little confusing and weak at the start of the game but you could tell that it was going to develop into a doozy.  And that is exactly what it did.  The last 1/4 of the game's story was remarkable and a true delight to...

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