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An enjoyable RPG title for RPG fans and starters.

I cannot believe I didn't finish this amazing peice of gem earlier in my life.I gave up because of sheer boredom but now,after playing it,I have proven myself wrong.This game is absolutely fun and has a really great storyline.The backtracking (No teleportation items,walking back to the start of a dungeon, etc.) may be tedious,but don't cry,this game is pretty easy.

Gameplay 8/10
The bad thing in this game is that the townspeople pretty much doesn't tell you any clue on where to go next.I found myself looking at a walkthrough several times and hit myself in the forehead.Sometimes,you can continue the story by randomness,or by a good guess.Most of the time,people will look at a walkthrough to continue the game.Then there's the traveling to the other world and back to home world.This can be really tedious if you don't know how to advance the story.But let's not discuss this shall we?Let's move on to the battle system.The battle system in this game is similar to Xenogears.You have your weak attack,the medium attack,and the strong attack.All the attacks have percentage and the weaker the attack,the higher the chance you'll hit an enemy.Most likely people would just do the higher attacks to end the battles quickly.There's more.Elements in this game are like items and spells.Pretty weird?You can equip elements to your characters and do diffrent combinations.The higher your tech lvl is,the more elements you can equip.You can allocate your elements automatically if you have hard decisions to make but it's completely reccomended you make your own element set-ups.The leveling system in this game is pretty weird but you'll get used to it.It's diffrent from other rpgs and quite similar to the Saga (Romancing Saga,Saga Frontier) series.Your growth star levels up everytime you defeat a boss and when you finish a battle with a normal encounter,your stat grows.Like +1 to your hp and +4 to your strength and so forth.In conclusion,the gameplay is alright.

Story 9/10
At first,you'll get your occasional rpg storyline,but then you get transported to another world.That's when the story kicks in.You have your silent protagonist,Serge.Much likely the hero of the Dragon quest games and Crono from Chrono Trigger.The story gets dull in the middle of the game but a story twist happens and the story get's very intresting.Many people may enjoy it,and many people may not understand half of the story and text some of the characters say.Also,there's 30 or more playable characters in this game and most of them has a story behind them.It's intresting to see what thier history is,but having 30 playable characters wasn't that great of an idea.To end this section,the story is the main part of the game.

Graphics 8/10
The graphics are very nice.Especially for the playstation.The elements and the techs you use look very nice.The FMV's were breathtaking and almost the same as the FMV's of later playstation 2 games.Well,not really but this game was made in 2000!The characters look nice and detailed,the backgrounds are very nice looking.Add the sound of seagulls in the island of guldove with beautiful graphics,and you'll get yourself one nice island.
Overall,the graphics in this game are well done.

Music/Sound 8/10
Half of the music are great,and half of the other music are pretty lame.Most of the great music I'm talking about are mostly in the towns of Chrono Cross and the battles.The battle music is nicely done and the boss music are awsome.Some of the lame music I'm talking about are in dungeons and so forth.The sounds in this game are realistic and adds a nice feel to the game.You can hear the seagulls in Guldove,or hear the slash of your weapon.The elements sound just like you would think they would and I think the sound in this game are well done,and makes the game more realistic.

Overall,everybody should try this gem.It's a fun and enjoyable RPG for fans and starters alike.If you haven't played this game at all,go and buy it!You won't be dissapointed.

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