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Cleopatra Fortune (known in the North American PS1 box art as Cleopatra's Fortune) is a tile-matching puzzle game developed by Natsume and released by Taito for arcades (using their Taito F3 Package System hardware) in Japan in 1996. An early version of the game was released in 1995 as a downloadable game for the Taito X-55 home karaoke machine.

Featuring a cutesy Ancient Egyptian theme (and starring cute princess Patorako, who resembles Cleopatra and is shown later in different cosplay), Cleopatra Fortune is reminiscent of Puyo Puyo, Baku Baku Animal, and Tetris, where players must arrange rotatable falling blocks on their playfield to clear them before the stack reaches the top.

Unique to the game is its use of 2x1 blocks (which are cleared together, rather than as separate blocks), its multiple different types of blocks, and its way of clearing groups of blocks (most of which involve enclosing a group of blocks around stone blocks).

The game was later ported in Japan to the Sega Saturn (on Feburary 14, 1997), the Sony PlayStation (on May 21, 2001), and the Sega Dreamcast (on June 21, 2001). Both the PS1 and Dreamcast versions were ported by Altron. The PS1 version received an overseas release in 2003, released by Mud Duck in North America and by Midas in Europe.

The arcade version was later included in the Japanese PS2 compilation Taito Memories Joukan and the overseas PS2/Xbox/PC compilation Taito Legends 2. It also received a sequel in 2002, titled Cleopatra Fortune Plus.


Players are given a variety of block combinations (which can have multiple block types) that they can rotate and place on the field. To clear the playfield, players must either:

  • Clear lines by matching all blocks of the same type in the same line.
  • Clear groups by surrounding and enclosing areas with stone blocks. For this purpose, the sides of the playfield count as stone blocks although they are not removed.

Players gain bonus multiplier points for chaining together clears. In multiplayer mode, chains cause garbage blocks to appear in the opponent's playfield.

Block Types

Blocks can come in small (1x1) or large (1x2 or 2x1) variants.

  • Stone (Both)
  • Jewel (Small) - Cannot be used to enclose areas.
  • Golden Casket (Large) - Cannot be used to enclose areas.
  • Mummy (Both) - Cannot be used to enclose areas. Cannot be cleared in groups if there is not a Jewel or Golden Casket block in the same clear.

In addition, a special 1x1 golden pyramid piece can rarely appear. When this piece touches another block, all blocks of that type are immediately cleared.


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