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Very good horror game

Review for "Cold Fear"
(This review was written based on the PS2 version of "Cold Fear")
Written by: DawnClover

Well.. first of all, this is my first review at GameSpot.com... and i'ld like to say how it goes! I'll divide the review in 8 categories:

- About the Game
- First Impression
- Story
- Graphics
- Sound
- Controls
- Re-Play Value
- Overall

Cold Fear :: About the Game
No, Cold Fear ain't just 'another horror game' in the market. Cold Fear brought a new way of terrorizing even the strongest and fearless player! Following bits of titles like 'Resident Evil' (the Physical Horror), some "Silent Hill" (the Psychological Horror), The Suffering (for the Gore) and other great horror games. One thing that you might notice when you see a picture of the game, is the Gore. Yes, this game is really violent (the basic ye know, headless zombies, bodies exploding, blah, blah...).

Cold Fear :: First Impression
Well, when I got my hands in this beauty, and turned my PS2 on with the disc inside, i felt really impacient. I really wanted to try this game, since almos all the reviews I read were saying it was great. And it is. From the intro movie to the end of the game, you feel like you really embarqued in that boat infested with the living dead. My first impression was really good, and yours will be probably good also!

Cold Fear :: Story (7/10)
Well, the story is original, but could be worked even more. It's really basic. Well, it starts when you arrive the boat to check the status, since communication to it was lost... And the first thing you see, is a boat in the middle of a storm! (well, soon you'll be seeing some wicked zombies! yay :D). Then, not trying to spoil anything, a bunch of zombies start attacking you! I can't really say much, 'cause it would spoil the story a bit, and I don't like when that happens to me, so i'm not gonna make it happen to you.

Cold Fear :: Graphics (9/10)
The graphics are GREAT! Really the strongest point of the game! When you first arrive in the boat, the waves' effects hittin' on the boat are just beautifull! And the details are really impressive!

Cold Fear :: Sound (7/10)
It has good music and sound effects, but not perfect... though the voice acting ain't that great. But, the music really makes you feel the enviorment around you, so, it's quite good.

Cold Fear :: Controls (8/10)
Really good, you practicly become a 'PRO' at playing this game after 30 minutes or less. They are very basic (something like an FPS), though in the outside part of the boat (it trembles a lot) it might become a bit difficult to control the character.

Cold Fear :: Re-Play Value (9/10)
Well.. i finished this game 3 times. It's up to you, if you like gore, great action, and this story, you'll be definitly finishing the game more than once! (and you can unlock some extras!)

Cold Fear :: Overall (8/10)
It's a very solid title, and I couldn't find any major bugs on the game. It flows nicely and it's a beauty to the eyes of the player! Definitly a must!

(p.s. - Sorry for my english... i'm Portuguese so I may have done some errors :P)

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