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Cool Riders is a third-person motorbike racing game developed by Sega's AM1 division and released by Sega for arcades (using a variation of their Sega System 32 hardware) in Japan (on April 1995) and North America (on September 1995).

A motorcycle-focused spin-off of the OutRun series, Cool Riders builds on the game engine used by OutRunners while including numerous bizarre and comedic elements (such as having one of the riders being an old man on a bicycle). It is also the only game in the series to use digitized actors and features the largest number of branching paths in the series (with each of the four branches having a total of three choices instead of two, bringing the total to 49 unique tracks with 21 different endpoints).

The game is also known for its licensed use of the 1968 Mars Bonfire song Born to Be Wild as its main theme.

Bikes & Riders

  • Revolution (ridden by Max) - Average, sacrificing Handling for Body Strength.
  • Lightning (ridden by John Doe) - Average, sacrificing Body Strength for Handling.
  • I.C.B.M. (ridden by Chris) - Focused solely on speed. Has the highest Acceleration and Top Speed of the game (but at the cost of the worst Handling, Body Strength, and Off-Roading).
  • Wild Cat (ridden by Gloria) - Focused on handling. Has the highest Handling of the game (but at the cost of the worst Top Speed, Body Strength, and Off-Roading).
  • LoveMachine (ridden by David & Sharlie) - Focused on a mix of power and speed, sacrificing Handling for Top Speed and Body Strength.
  • Discovery (ridden by Dr. Vincent) - Focused on handling. Has the highest Handling of the game (but at the cost of the worst Top Speed, Body Strength, and Off-Roading).
  • Grasshopper (ridden by Garcia) - Focused on off-roading. Has the highest Off-Roading of the game.
  • Daioh (ridden by Big Boss) - Focused on a mix of power and speed. Has the highest Body Strength of the game (at the cost of the worst Handling and Off-Roading).


  • Sightseeing at Mach 1 (default for Revolution)
  • A Little Good (default for Lightning)
  • Condition Red (default for I.C.B.M.)
  • Here Comes the Queen of Hurricane (default for Wild Cat)
  • Blue Island (default for LoveMachine)
  • Grandpa is Still Alive (default for Discovery)
  • Into the Mountains (default for Grasshopper)
  • The Fat is in the Fire (default for Daioh)
  • Hang On ~Theme of Love~ (bonus, arrangement of the song of the same name from Hang-On)

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