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    Cosmic Avenger

    Game » consists of 1 releases. Released August 1982

    An early side scrolling shooter made by Universal

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    While originally an arcade release, it stands among a number of otherwise obscure Universal titles that gained larger exposure thanks to being exclusively ported to the ColecoVision.

    As with Scramble, it is an example of a very early side scrolling shooter, in which the player's craft flies over moving terrain. Missile bases, roving tanks and static bases offer targets for the player's bombs, while submarines and enemy ships (which look not unlike Star Wars' Tie-Fighters) are best dealt with standard laser shots.  There are three primary zones that must be crossed; a futuristic cityscape, a largely flat plane, and an underwater cavern.  These scenes loop endlessly, with the primary goal of the game aimed at achieving the highest score from destroying targets.
    A radar screen at the top is suggestive of Defender, but the player does not have the same freedom of movement as in that title.  Moving the joystick backwards or forwards does affect the speed at which the terrain scrolls, giving the player a level of throttle control.  Unlike Scramble, there is no concern for a dwindling fuel meter, but the player is limited to a single bomb or laser pellet on the screen at once.  
    While colorful and competent, the somewhat choppy movement of the landscape betrayed an inherent limitation of the ColecoVision hardware with regards to displaying scrolling backgrounds.


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