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    Costas is the foster parent of Pheve and Andronicos in the upcoming game Theseis.

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    Back Story

        The foster parent of Andronicos and Pheve, was an explorer, self styled scholar, and an eccentric who believed strongly in the super natural. Costas was a mystery wrapped in a conundrum till the very day of his disappearance. He did not trust in anything mainstream and chose to seclude himself high up in the mountain ridges of Pilio with his adopted kids. Throughout their childhood he would fill their minds with stories of minotaurs and dryads, the lost glory of the past; And were turning out to be his great prodigies until one day Andronicos fled the house and rejected Costas. His son's rebellion transformed into bitterness and Costas turned all his attention into educating his step-daughter, showing her many wondrous things during long expeditions in the mountain ranges. But it was on one of these expeditions that led to his untimely disappearance, which began to turn the pages in an unfolding saga.

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