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4.56 stars 4.56/5 Stars Average score of 9 user reviews spread across 13 releases and 2 DLC

cs go is not good to go,,there are many things about this game that are just wrong ,,here is reviewfor pc&xbox,,both 0

best parts is graphics and sound,,but thats just about it ;p ;) ,,console are a joke and a ripoff ur better of with the pc version,,which stil lworks thankfully;)wrong,,weird and broken ,,its still solid but not nearly as it once was,,rather the opposite,,and can get boring fast,,which are not a good thing For cs:go its just milking money and milking fans ,it may be true after all,shame and , - end of story! but there's one big big fact here,,which is ::its insane ppl do not notice that there's...

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A Faithful Update of the Original and Source Versions of Counter-Strike 0

Much has been said about Counter-Strike, but most people know it as "that competitive FPS". That it remains one of the most popular games on Steam testifies to its popularity, even after all these years and accompanying genre changes. In an industry of respawns and kill-streaks, Counter-Strike is unusually ascetic; there is a comparably low, if even existent amount of persistence in the game, and the only reward a successful player receives is more money to buy weapons and armor. Counter-Strike...

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Counter Offensive Global Strike 0

CSGO really takes the gameplay back to feel of counter 1.6 where the hit boxes changed little more realism. The guns changed to different firing patterns which takes some use getting use to. The game does up its graphics from years past previous version. For the cost its pretty good value and worth the shot....

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Waging Tactical Warfare 0

While Counter-Strike enjoyed many years of success on the PC, the title has been notably absent from consoles since it was released on the original Xbox. It's nice to see now that PS3 and 360 users are able to get back into the tactical action game, especially those who may be looking for different shooters to play besides CoD and Battlefield. Building upon the successful Counter-Strike source game, Valve has translated the game onto consoles and offers up different ways to play and learn the ga...

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A great copy of a great game. 0

Look you know CS:GO. You met a long time ago in office lan parties, and ever since then you fallen into one of the two groups that go with it. Those who play CS and those that don't. I'm a fan of CS, seeing as how I spent hundreds of hours playing in highschool, most of which was on a 24/7 offices server with friends. This new CS packs all the fun and skill associated with CS into a much better looking and smoother package. The core gameplay hasn't changed, and that's for the better seeing as ho...

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arbayer2 Reviews: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (PC) 0

More of an extremely enhanced remake of one of the greatest multiplayer FPSes of all time, CS:GO's got a ton of replay value, extensive Steam Trading/Workshop support and much more. Think Counter-Strike: Source, but with a substantial e-gaming support, user trading and customization layer added in for funsies. I cannot recommend it enough if you've ever played CS before, or if you're looking for an excellent example of simple yet challenging FPS gameplay in an easy-to-run, well-supported and pop...

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Still hardcore as hell. 0

This is the 3rd big remake of Counter-Strike released publicly. It even got a 2D version that works much the same way with multiplayer and all. Counter-Strike 1.6 (along with its previous versions) was the one game that made Valve lead in multiplayer gaming and still is one of the most played online games of all time, if not the most played. Not too shabby for a game released more than a decade ago with no new content for quite a while.The fact the original Counter-Strike remains one of the most...

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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Review 0

Note: If you would rather watch my video review go here: Global Offensive ReviewWhen I first fired up Counter-Strike: Global Offensive for the PC, I was admittedly a little disappointed. It all felt like groundwork for what could be a good game. Thankfully, that was back about 2 weeks ago when the game first launched. Since then the game has absolutely exploded with user-created content. I finally understand why ...

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Defusal or Death 0

Against a ticking time bomb and an enemy willing to die alongside it, you are the last Counter-Terroist alive. Footsteps muted, you tip toe into the bomb site as the steady beeping of the device creeps upon the silence, the microphone chatter of fallen teammates hushing to a panicked whisper. The last terrorist is here, somewhere, waiting for you as he gambles the clock. The bomb ticks faster, your eyes glue to the screen, your entire nervous system ready to react to the slightest hint of moveme...

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