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    Couple's Mask

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    The Couple's Mask is one of the 24 obtainable masks in The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. The Couple's Mask has no power, but it's a sign that a couple has been married.

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    "That's the Couple's Mask, isn't it? That is truly a very fine mask. It's overflowing with powerful feelings of love and gratitude." -Happy Mask Salesman


    The Couple's Mask appears in The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. It is the combination of the Moon's and Sun's masks. The Couple's Mask seems to be common in Clock Town since many citizens do attribute it to marriage. Link can utilize this mask by showing it to Mayor Dotour, and he is able to obtain a Piece of Heart from this. This mask is also required to receive the Fierce Diety's Mask.

    How To Obtain

    Spoilers ahead.

    Needed masks:

    Kafei's mask: Given by Madame Aroma. She is found in the Mayor's Residence in East Clock Town.

    Garo's Mask: Needed to enter Ikana Canyon. To obtain beat the Gorman Brothers in a race.

    This is one of the longest side quest. So to start play the song of time and return to the First Day. Go to the Stock Pot Inn, located in Clock Town, and talk to Anju. Say you have a reservation and receive the room key. Wait until the postman arrives and delivers a letter to Anju. As soon as he leaves speak to Anju while wearing the Kafei's Mask. She'll ask you to meet her later tonight. She'll tell you the letter she recieved was from Kafei. She is too afraid to send it. She asks Link to send it. Follow the Postman until he drops off the letter near the Laundry Pool. Wait until a boy (Kafei's) exits the building. Then go into his hideout. Once he returns speak to him and he'll reveal he is Kafei. He was cursed by the Skull Kid and while on his way to the Great Fairy to break the curse, Sakon stole his Sun Mask from him. He gives you a pendant and asks you to give it to Anju. Give it to her and return to the Laundry pool. Around 1:00 PM go inside the hideout. You'll see that Kafei isn't there but the man from the Curiosity Shop is. He will tell you that Kafei went to go get his Mask back at Ikana Canyon. Go there and walk up the slope above the wooden bridge. There you'll see Kafei hiding behind some rocks. Once its the night of the Final Day, Sakon will be seen going up the slope. The supposedly "dead end" turns out to be his hideout. A huge boulder moves revealing his base. Kafei rushes in after Sakon. Once in there would be a huge puzzle. Time is important or the Sun Mask will be lost. Once the puzzle is completed. Kafei will have returned home. Go back to Clock Town quickly. Go to the Employee's Room at the Inn. Anju will be there and soon Kafei as well. The Moon Mask, that Anju has, and the Sun Mask, Kafei has, will combine and become the Couple's Mask. They will give you it as gratitude.


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