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    Cowboy Bebop

    Game » consists of 1 releases. Released May 14, 1998

    Based on the hit anime show of the same name, this Japan-exclusive game puts you in the seat of Spike's personal jet fighter, the Swordfish II.

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    Cowboy Bebop is an on-rails shoot-em-up developed and published by Bandai for the PlayStation, released in 1998. Players take control of Spike Spiegel in his jet fighter in a series of missions named 'scenes' in a variety of locations such as cities, underground tunnels and space. The game attempts to replicate the intense dogfight scenes seen in the anime series.


     Gameplay in Cowboy Bebop
     Gameplay in Cowboy Bebop
    Gameplay in Cowboy Bebop is similar to Star Fox 64 or the Panzer Dragoon series. Players must shoot down enemy ships while avoiding their fire through use of evasive maneuvers such as barrel rolls and dodging. Players can also rotate the ship to alter their weapons area of fire. Players have a variety of weapons at their disposal such as the basic machine gun and special weapons such as homing lasers and missiles.  At the end of the stage, players face a boss and in several instances are given full movement control in a small area, similar to Star Fox 64. Also similar are video messages from teammates throughout the level offering advice or commenting on the player's performance. At the end of each stage, players are given a rank and points, with additional points awarded based on hit rate, how many enemies were defeated and skillful use of special weapons. Using these points, players can purchase weapon upgrades such as more powerful ammunition and lasers or missiles. Not every upgrade can be purchased in the game's duration, however. So players must choose what weapons they are good with and upgrade those.


    Cowboy Bebop features voice acting from the series' voice actors 
    Cowboy Bebop features voice acting from the series' voice actors 
    After being sucked through a hyperspace gate against their will, the Bebop and her crew end up in an alternative dimension. After arriving at a nearby planet, they are attacked by an unknown enemy. Spike hops into his ship and faces the enemy, flying through canyons and destroying a missile silo. Assessing their situation, the crew are soon contacted by a woman asking for help. The crew head into a city, fighting enemy ships along the way and destroying a large tank, rescuing the woman who is a member of the resistance fighting an invading force. Unable to leave until being dealt with, the crew of the Bebop agree to help the resistance. Enemy forces are attacking the resistance at a nearby city and the crew fly in to help. Flying through the city, they destroy the forces and after destroying a giant tank, they manage to rescue a leader of the resistance. The only way for them to get home is to travel through a nearby hypergate. The next destination is space, where the crew destroy a large incoming fleet of spaceships. With the forces dealt with, the crew head for the hyperspace gate but face heavy defences. After destroying all enemies, Spike makes his way inside the hyperspace gate with a virus programmed by Edward. Using it, he has just 90 second to escape while being pursued by giant enemy worms. After escaping, the Bebop finally manage to go through the hyperspace gate and arrive back in their own dimension. Safely back home, they head for their next bounty.
    The game is split up into six missions known as 'scenes'.
    • Scene 1: Canyon Strike
    • Scene 2: Desert City
    • Scene 3: Canal Raid
    • Scene 4: Fleet Attack
    • Scene 5: Fatal Path
    • Scene 6: Terminal Gate


    Cowboy Bebop features an array of weapons that can be purchased and upgraded by the player using points earned through the game.
    Purchasing upgrades
    Purchasing upgrades
    12.7mm MG: The basic weapon in the game, the all-purpose spraying tool. 
    • Normal Ammo: Free, the player starts with it.
    • AP Ammo: 2500 points
    • EXP Ammo: 9000 points

    Ruby Laser: Spike's famous laser cannon seen in the anime. It can lock onto targets, or players can use it freely to cut through enemies.
    • LVL1: Free, the player starts with it.
    • LVL2: 5000 points
    • LVL3: 10000 points

    Hard Point: Two types of missiles that will lock on the enemy. 
    • Missile 1: 4000 points
    • Missile 2: 12000 points
    • E-Bolt 1: 6000 points
    • E-Bolt 2: 14000 points

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