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    Edward Wong Hau Peplu Trivrusky 4th

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    Edward is the resident computer genius on-board the Bebop. She is pretty wacky, and often seems to pursue her own agenda, but is an asset to the Bebop crew nonetheless.

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    Born and raised on the decimated Earth of the 2060's, Edward grew up amid the wreckage of a once proud and technologically advanced civilization. Over time Ed began to make use of the various scraps of communication equipment left behind from the destruction of the Earth and became something of a hacker prodigy, being extremely adept at infiltrating data networks and manipulating information. A gangly, androgynous youth, Edward could be considered a feral child: she never wears shoes, often capers about on all fours, and has a voracious appetite. Despite her self-declared age of 13, she posses the sense of humour of a small child, being prone to outbursts of laughter and random exclamations and non-sequiters.

    Despite (or perhaps as a result of) her free spirited personality, Ed is remarkably dexterous and flexible and is able to walk on her hands, type with her feet, and balance her computer on her head for extended periods. Discovered by the crew of the Bebop living in the ruins of the Earth, she became a valuable member of the ship's crew and made use of her computer skills to ensure the successful capture of numerous bounties (though her exuberance no doubt resulted in the loss just as many). Also Edward named herself, in a manner which she judged to be more interesting than the name she was given at birth, which was Francoise (thus explaining her rather long, and confusing moniker).


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