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Classic PlayStation Platforming 1

Crash Bandicoot was Sony's answer to Nintendo's Mario, to Ubisoft's Rayman and Sega's Sonic the Hedgehog. While it isn't the case today, Crash was essentially the PlayStation's mascot throughout the life of the original PlayStation.Crash Bandicoot is a 3D platformer and, as with many platforming games, jumping is key here. In order to get anywhere in Crash Bandicoot you must jump over obstacles, enemies and bottomless pits. While that doesn't necessarily sound all that exciting, Naughty Dog adde...

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Crash and Burn 2

Anyone who can tell me why this picture is relevant will get a prize to be named later.Crash Bandicoot haunts me in my dreams. Seriously, I have nightmares so intense that I wake up in a cold sweat with the taunting gibberish of Aku Aku still ringing in my ears. As a child, my friends and I loved to play this game. I was wrong. We were so wrong. The only story in Crash Bandicoot plays out during the opening cutscene. Dr. Neo Cortex runs a burgeoning research laboratory with his longtime friend a...

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A classic by far 3

This was the first game I ever owned with the ps1, and the first video game I ever played. I had this game and this game alone for several months before my next one. This shows the amount of time you can spend with it before you get bored. If this is also one of your childhood games you will know what I'm talking about and if you went back to play it now you would love it for what it is and chuckle at it's lame childish humor.  I also found this game to be a good family game. My parents and I wo...

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Crash Bandicoot is a 3D platformer created by Naughty Dog 0

Crash Bandicoot is a 3D platforming game set in a third person view, set in a fiction World. The game is set out on three different Islands after being washed up on shore, and your girlfriend being kidnapped by DR. Cortex. You take your character Crash through different and unique levels jumping and spinning out enemies performing tons of platforming with tons of danger ahead.  The gameplay for Crash Bandicoot is like your average 3D platforming game, with you taking control of your character to...

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