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    Crazy Tracy

    Character » appears in 4 games

    Crazy Tracy is a self proclaimed crazy lady who runs a spa that offers "secret" potion rubs. She appears in both Link's Awakening and Captain Rainbow for the Wii.

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    "Hi there, big guy! I'm Crazy Tracy! I've got a little secret for sale that'll pump you up!"

    Crazy Tracy offers potions that she instantly acitvates by "rubbing" it into you. These revive Link after one death. She also regenerates Links hit points after purchasing a potion. In these ways, Crazy tracy fills a similar role to the great fairies found in many of the Zelda games, even though these exist in Link's Awakening.

    Crazy Tracy's house appears to have a rat infestation though unlike many video game house owners with rat problems, she does not ask the player to deal with them. Her home can be accessed from fairly early in the game and lies in the same tile as Manbo's pond which can be warped to by playing Manbo's Mambo.


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