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Cryostasis, A Walk Down Memory Lane...Sort of. 1

Cryostasis is a unique action horror game that has a lot of new ideas and narrative elements that give this game a feeling that will leave you saying "hey that's new."  Now inventive game play mechanics and story do not solely make a good game but it is these qualities that make this game something that will be cherished by fans of the genre.  You play as Alexander Nestrov a meteorologist who was sent to investigate the shipwreck of the nuclear ice breaker the North Wind.  The job seemed simple ...

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HD Video Review 0

 [PC; 2009]Developed by Action Forms [full credits]      It’s telling that Cryostasis’ favorable reviews on Metacritic take the apologist’s stance.  Cryostasis is a game that possess an ambition and vision uncommon in the medium, which makes it all the more difficult to point out the game’s many faults.  I can’t ignore mentioning all the problems you’ll run into the game, but part of me worries that others will ignore the good that is there because of these grievances.  There is no doubt that Cr...

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A Step forward in storytelling, two steps back in execution- 0

Cryostasis :The Sleep of Reason is a European First Person Adventure game which has you taking the role of a Meteorologist who is sent to visit a nuclear icebreaker known as the North Wind.The game has elements of survival horror to it, from the scary monster designs to the eerie background noise that immerses you in the dark, cold and heartless world of Cryostasis.The North wind has broken down for unknown reasons and its up to you to explore the ruined ship and discover what has transpired usi...

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Cryostasis- Cool, but not cool enough 4

Im calling my shot and saying Cryostasis is going to be the winner of this years "S.T.A.L.K.E.R." award. An award for a game that has everything going for it to be great. An original interesting story, innovative graphics, good characters, strong enemies, and a realistic atmosphere. However,  in the end execution and technical problems will be all that is remembered for this game. Cryostasis is simply a FPS, horror, adventure game. The game is set in 1981 where you are trying to find out what h...

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Like a Great Film or Book, Cryostasis is Something to be Savored 0

From the very first shot to the last, from the menu screen on down Cryostasis is an eastern bloc game through and through. Technically it is still impressive five years later. The art is bleak and the lighting extremely severe. Like Dostoyevsky, the characters are not so much characters as symbols meant to convoy a meaning. I adore this game and the more I think about it the more I enjoy it. Playing it is never really all that enjoyable however. Your character, Alexander Nesterov, is wrapped in ...

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Provocative story-driven FPS akin to Bioshock or STALKER. 0

As a thirtysomething gamer, it gets tougher and tougher to find story-driven games that actually tell a worthwhile story. Too often standards are lowered for video games, and mediocre plots are praised as "cinema-like" when in reality, they offer nothing more than cheap imitations of cheesy action movies. A few landmark titles broke the mold in recent years, and Bioshock, STALKER and Dead Space showed you can tell innovative, engaging stories right alongside an action slugfest. The lesser-known ...

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A Fantastic Masterpiece 0

WOW! Where to start? Sometimes a game comes along and completely shocks you. The story, the atmosphere, the graphics, the sound, everything about a game like this is almost perfect.  I won't give any story elements away because the story in this game is so damn good. Basically you enter the ship and you begin to explore. The more you explore, the more grim your situation becomes and you have to find out what happened on board. The game tells the story in a very unique way. You will see bodies of...

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Boring, repetitive gameplay and clunky controls sink Cryostasis 0

It isn't easy for me to heavily criticize a game like Cryostasis. It is a classic "underdog", a PC-only niche game that comes out of Eastern Europe. I wish that I could say that I enjoyed this game, but I can't. It makes a great first impression, but then it gets boring and repetitive. The one or two interesting mechanics that look promising at first get old before the game is halfway finished. The atmosphere is great and the story starts off very intriguing, but it flops badly at the end. Even ...

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Awesome!!! 3

Although Im Russian and you may think this review is biased. This game kicks any game's ass, the way the technology used in he game is a first and just shows how far ahead the technology is in Russia. Ive played the game back in December when it came out in native Russian, and now i played the English version, and the transaltion is terrible which makes the game lose its uniqueness (probably American interpreters) . But this is a must buy and is a game which other titles should learn from this....

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A Respectable Mess 0

Cryostasis was considered pretty baffling when it first came out, but I think it makes more sense nowadays. Essentially it's a survival horror FPS sort of in the vein of Doom 3 and mixed with 'walking simulators' like Gone Home and Firewatch. Your time is split between walking through a derelict ship shooting monsters once they've spawn in and slowly uncovering the mystery of your environment and its past. However, instead of recreating an episode of Dawson's Creek you are at least treated to c...

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  Cryostasis: The Sleep of Reason, and why drugs are awesome Most games just entertain me...just barely. Few have me jump, scratch my head, and yell expletives all at the same time. Cryostasis does just that. It's not necessarily a horror game, but it's definitely not your typical first person shooter.  In fact, like a lot of games coming out of Russia (STALKER and Metro), this game prides itself on looks, sound, and story. Now then, without further ado, here are the pros and cons of this game:...

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A wonderful game 0

Cryostasis: The Sleep of ReasonDeveloper: Action formsPublisher: 1C company, 505 games, Aspyr Media (NA)Version: 1.1 reviewedPlatform: PCModes: Single-PlayerGenre: FPS/Survival HorrorRelease Dates: NA April 20, 2009DRM Free on DVDCryostasis is an amazing Russian survival horror/FPS that was lucky to be released in Europe and North America. Not often do game like this reach American shores or even into Europe. The game is very story focused in that you want to play this game more for the story th...

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Cryostasis v1.1 0

I am slightly behind in reviewing  Cryostsis, I simply ran out of games and had this on the back burner. After reading staff and reader reviews on Giant Bomb I decided to google any issues Cryostasis may have, being burned before I know that if a pc game has issues at launch be prepared to wait about a month to play. Being said the latest patch came out months ago so the wait was over. Bought over Steam the download was pretty hefty well worth 30 bucks... on to the experience.    I was able to p...

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