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    Dangerous Streets

    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released 1994

    A fighting game for the Amiga, Amiga CD32, and PC.

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    Dangerous Streets developed by the Italian company Micromania and published by Flair Software is a fighting game in the style of Street Fighter II.

    It was released for PC, Amiga 500/600, Amiga 1200 and Amiga CD32.

    The Amiga CD32 version is using "256 colors AGA" graphics which are similar to the PC "VGA" graphics and slightly enhanced compared to the "32 colors ECS/OCS" graphics of the Amiga floppy drive version.

    The game received poor ratings in several Amiga magazine reviews which critiziced the amateurish graphics, woeful sound, slightly childish-looking characters, feeble sound effects, bad animation and incomprehensible control. Only the lush and colourful background graphics with paralax scrolling were commended in some reviews.

    Dangerous Streets was the lead game in the bundle(called "The Dangerous Streets Pack") that the most people got their Amiga CD32 machine in. This was perhaps disadvantageous for the reputation of the CD32 due the low quality of the game. Dangerous Streets was also released in a bundle togheter with Wing Commander for Amiga CD32.


    The game offers three distinct game modes:

    • Player vs. Player
    • Player vs. CPU
    • Tournament: Here you can pick one of the 8 characters and fight through four different locations with 8 fighters and become the boss on the street.

    There are three game speed settings(slow, normal, fast) and three skill levels of the CPU opponents(easy, normal, hard) that can be set.

    Every of the 8 characters has at least three special moves. All special moves are mostly executed by the same joystick/gamepad button and exactly which move a character performs depends on the distance the character is away from his target/opponent. Also the controls for the fighters are different - push up on the joystick and one fighter will jump another will kick.


    NameDescriptionSpecial Moves

    A German-born devout

    monk who is working as a

    custodian in a castle. He is

    fighting on springs maybe to

    compensate his small height.

    He can turn into a

    "Moat Monster" - an eight

    tentacle beast.

    Ice Ball

    Moat Monster Attack

    Moat Monster Defence


    Top model from England and

    the British Osaka Karate

    champion. After the cat walk

    she gets out on the dangerous

    streets to clobber some bad


    Mirror Shield

    Hair Gell Attack

    Passion Flame Attack

    Shadow Jump


    She is a gym teacher from

    France. She likes to teach

    her team of fitness freaks

    the art of balance and

    muscle rigidness, as well

    as acrobatic skills.

    Uppercut Cruncher

    Slab Defence

    Spinning Top Snap Kick

    Piroutte Attack


    He is the spiritual leader of the

    Sioux and was born in North

    America. An old and wise Indian

    Chief found Macalosh "The Wild"

    abandoned in the wilderness with

    an Panther watching over the

    infant boy. The Indian Chief raised

    Macalosh until maturity and thaught

    him the ancient Indian fighting arts.

    Panther Strike

    Thunder Clap

    Scalp Lash


    He is an expert palmist and

    occult specialist who was

    born in Pennsylvania. In the

    fight he uses his occult powers

    rather than physical abilities.

    An old Pennsylvanian alchemist

    raised him and taught him to

    use and control the powers

    of the occult.

    Burning Palm Strike

    Star Shield

    Sand Dive

    Star Strike

    Power Kick


    He is a lorry driver with a

    huge pot belly who was born

    in Switzerland. Most nights

    he hangs out at taverns and

    bars in Switzerland and

    almost all of the thugs that

    spend their time in these

    bars are fearing him.

    Spinning Cap Attack

    Large Cap Shield

    Mini Man Attack

    Sgiosa Capeli
    Sgiosa Capeli

    Italian-born D.J. who works

    in a disco club at the

    roughest night spot in Italy.

    He has knowledge of

    Shotokan Street Fighting

    and Ninsitsu.

    Firework Flip-Side Attack

    Disco Pulse

    Shooting Star 12"

    Ice Smoke Punch


    Italian-born playboy who

    now lives in America. He

    meditates for hours each

    day what gives him

    menacing mental abilities.

    Along with his deadly street

    fighting skills he is a

    fearsome opponent.

    Triple Lightning Punch

    Manhattan Dragon

    Double Fireball


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