At what soul level are you guys starting the DLC next week?

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I started a new character for the DLC and I'm currently sitting at SL 42 as a Darkwraith. I'll go in with no covenant and join whatever is available there and level up no higher than 50 so I can fight at the lowest level bracket in the arena. I have my main character at SL 111 on NG++, but her stats are all over the place and is hardly optimized for PVP.

How low are you guys going?

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@golguin: Well for me I think I over did it a bit when I made a new character, he's practically 5 lvl sunder the recommended lvl for the dlc (60-80) Currently he's a 75 with (This is where I over did it) Wearing +9 gear, a +15 Longsword and is overkill on First Game.

Edit: Wanted to do it at just 60 but whatever, going to run through the DLC after this guy with my main. XD

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I'm 130...have been playing for about 90 hours. I hope the DLC won't change too many item stats. Also I hope the new weapons are well balanced. Other than that I'm ready to go

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I'll probably make a new one and spec it for 50. Pyro is going to be so overused in the 50 arena so I'll probably design around Vow of Silence to get an upper hand.

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200. I like the more varied pvp builds better, so I hope it's a populated bracket.

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I'm sitting at level 77 focused mainly on dex and endurance. I think I'll stay around that level as I progress through the PvE aspects of the dlc. Once I get a sense of the PvP in the arena I'll probably go up to 100 as I understand that it will be broken up by levels 1-100, 101-199, etc.

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