Changes to Power Within in PTDE

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I have seen rumour in a couple places that Power Within/Pyromancer Flame has been altered in PTDE but have been unable to confirm it. In the console versions when you are using Power Within it is best to use an un-upgraded Pyromancer Flame because if you upgrade it the damage PW does to you increases but the damage output does not. The rumour is that you can now upgrade the Glove without it increasing the damage you take (it stays at 1% damage per second for 100 seconds).

Has anyone been able to confirm this? I would like to upgrade my glove but I don't want to fuck over my current CMW build.

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#2 Posted by LordXavierBritish (6651 posts) -

Yes, the damage it does to you no longer scales with Pyromancy flame.

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#3 Posted by mason (280 posts) -

Good to know.

I'll test it myself when I get home, but if true, I'm glad I no longer need to carry 2 flames.

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@LordXavierBritish: Good to hear. I just spent a few hours farming Titanite Slabs in New Londo last night and I am sitting on about 500k souls, now I have something to actually spend them on. Time to upgrade the glove.

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Just in case anyone was still doubting. I upgraded my Flame to +12, then got a second flame from Eingyi. With 659 HP and Lingering Dragoncrest Ring I was losing 6hp/tic using both the +12 and the un-upgraded flame.

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