Character Build Showcase with level limit until SL60 - SL65

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Forgive me if there is already a thread related to this, but I'm looking to make a new character and only plan to level until SL 60 or SL65. So I was wondering if the community here might have ideas and show your builds with a limit until SL60 - 65.

Currently this is the build I have and beat the 1st playthrough with the Prepare to Die DLC (I made a new character since my 1st char which was SL150+ kinda already spoiled the game where as he almost had no limits)

Wandering Swordsman Build

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I think vitality would need a few more points seeing as how you're not using any heath buffs (FaP ring, Tiny Being's ring, Mask of Mother). I could see low health in PvP situations being a problem. For example, my current SL ~120 has a +15 Falchion and I use DarkMoon/Sunlight Blade buffs on it, and the damage output on the stats screen ends up at around 670. So take into account DMG reduction (although I imagine it won't be much since you're going with light armour) and if we ended up fighting (by way of say, you invaded me with Cracked Red Eye orbs since those cause you to invade up) then all I would need to do is land 2 solid hits and you'd be done for. Perhaps try aiming for HP>1000.

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@jclane:Actually yes that happened. Someone I think with a chaos zweihander+5 or a great sword of Artorias+5 got me with just two or three hits. they also Insta kill me if lag backstab. But I never designed this guy for PvP but more for a PvE challenge. I'm happy enough that I still managed to beat quite a number of invaders (especially those that abuse the Wrath of the Gods miracle) with just this since SL60 kinda forces some other players to sacrifice certain attributes to focus on a specialty and not be able to do too many things as much.

Though yes since I plan to make another char in which now for PvP yeah atleast 1000 or more HP maybe mandatory. Its kinda hard to pull a decent one though with an SL limit until 60 - 65 which makes it the challenge I'm after.

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