Guesses at what Vinny's build will be

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Load Our Last Souls is about 9 hours away. Perhaps now is the time for us to start brainstorming what kind of character Vinny is rocking (I don't believe he's ever said what weapons and equipment he was using). The masochistic side of me is secretly hoping that he has somehow stuck with the Drake Sword for the entire playthrough, just to see the chat explode in a blaze of glory. In all likelyhood, he might've stuck with a late game common choice, like the Lightning Spear or the Crystal Halberd. I'm not too familiar with his playstyles in RPGs and the like, so I don't know if there's a thematic consistency to his builds. If his psychotic tendencies in Sleeping Dogs have taught me anything, he may have already killed a large number of the useful NPCs in the world, but hopefully he refrained from doing so as some of Lordran's locals can offer stuff to get you out of a pinch. Pyromancy is a possibility since Vinny started playing Dark Souls when it was unpatched and the pyromancy was still overpowered to kingdom come. Let's hope he wasn't an avid Iron Flesh user.

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I believe he was using the Lightning Spear in Anor Londo. He loves spears because he can block and poke away. I don't know if he switched it out for something else or upgraded it.

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@golguin: Hmm, he might be able to beat the game with an upgraded lightning spear, but IIRC the final boss has some degree of lightning resistance. I personally think the Crystal Halberd would be a devastating weapon if upgraded and elemental buffed.

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@jclane: doesn't it break easily? also crystal weapons can not be repair right? or have I been missing out on something this whole time?

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I believe he said he is currently using a Smough's Hammer +2.

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@shinjin977: Crystal weapons do break easily and cannot be repaired except when you upgrade them, the durability resets.

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If he wants to continue using spears, he should use a +5 Demon's Spear.

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Inefficient and wasteful.

I.E. The only way it can be.

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Spears are so boring. F you Rorie.

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I wanna see dem weapons RAW, son!

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