Specialization VS. Versatility

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I am in my thirties level-wise. Got 18/18/18/14 on Vit/Str/End/Dex and 12/12 on Attunment and Int. So I'm low high-end on Melee and have basic magic functionality. I wonder if I shall go deeper into magic or go after freak weapons and armor. I got a Sword and Shield combo from some giant moss covered statue and the stats are INSANE! I love the idea of it.

Would I hamstring myself if I don't go for crazy gear and build a well-rounded character? I mean going for the 40 strength treshold seems a bit extreme and I would only be able to pull it off if I focus on strenght first and foremost.

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Specialization all the way. I prefer to excel spectacularly in one area instead of being average in a bunch of them. I think we should probably make this a stats thread just to compare between ourselves, so here are mine: 

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From the way it sounds, jack of all trade characters get murdered later on. Better to focus on raising your endurance , vitality (to a lesser extent, just don't let it fall too far behind), and then one other stat of your choice. Now if you're going mage like flux has then you can skimp on the vitality and endurance and leave them as low as comfortably possible. How low to leave them is a judgement call for the player based on how you like to play. Instead you'd raise attunement and int of course.

I think you'd be ok going for the 40 str for the weapon. Just bump up your endurance every now and then as well since you're a melee. It'll just take awhile since you weren't already rushing for a high str.

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@Seppli: you should specialize, being ok at everythigng dosnt help you. pic three things and keep them even and ignore all the other skills. with my warrior i keep strength, vitality and endurance even and keep dexterity two points under them. hope that helps

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