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    Darth Bandon

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    Darth Bandon is a character in the first Knights of the Old Republic game. He is an apprentice of Darth Malak.

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    Darth Bandon was the apprentice of Darth Malak after he took control of the Sith Fleet. Darth Bandon led the boarding party that brought down the Endar Spire above Taris. Bandon had an opportunity to kill the mind-wiped Revan aboard the Endar Spire, but Revan's companion, Trask, made a suicidal charge and drew off Bandon's attention, buying time for Revan to escape. Bandon killed Trask and searched the Endar Spire, but he found neither Bastilla Shan, nor Revan. Bandon and his remaining forces abondoned ship, and then blew it up.

    Following the assault on the Endar Spire, Bandon returned to his Master, aboard Saul Karath's flagship, the Leviathan, where he was no doubt severely punished for his failure. After Malak's next hired killer, Calo Nord, failed to reach Revan and Bastilla, he sent out Darth Bandon once more. Bandon confronted Revan with two of his strongest Dark Jedi, on an unknown world. Revan recognized Bandon as the one who had killed Trask aboard the Endar Spire, and Revan exacted his revenge on the Sith, killing him and his accomplices.

    As a result of this loss of his apprentice, Malak decided to take on Bastilla Shan as his next apprentice, however, his new apprentice did not prevent Revan from boarding the Star Forge and defeating Malak in one-on-one combat.


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