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Dasha Fedorovich was one of ten children born into a poor Russian family, all of whom joined the Soviet military. Dasha was noted to be particularly talented to the point that Premier Cherdenko himself recognized and she eventually became a vital member of the Soviet intelligence. She is shown to be extremely loyal to the Soviet cause and shows a great respect for Cherdenko specifically, although she has shown behaviour that suggests she is loyal to Cherdenko simply because he is the Premier. General Krukov frequently looked down upon Dasha and her commander and when Krukov was accused of being a traitor she sided with her commander and aided in the destruction of Krukov. Dasha believes that the Soviets are the liberators of the American forces they attack but also seems to show a cruel side, even personally hatching the idea to destroy the Statue of Liberty to try and lower U.S. morale.
In Command and Conquer: Red Alert 3: Uprising it is revealed that after the Allied Forces won the war Dasha became the leader of the Soviet Underground and continued to act as an intelligence officer for her commander, attempting to restore the Soviet forces to their former glory.

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