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    Dave Norton

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    Semi-corrupt FIB agent and close friends of Michael De Santa. He is responsible for arranging a life-changing deal which allowed Michael to retire from his criminal life.

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    Dave Norton is a character in Grand Theft Auto V.

    Grand Theft Auto V


    Dave Norton begins the game as an unremarkable FIB agent who found famed criminal robber Michael Townley and arranged a deal to fake his death and relocate to Los Santos.

    The original plan during the deal was for Trevor Phillips to be killed after a robbery in Ludendorff, North Yankton, but Dave accidentally shoots and kills Brad Snider and promptly fires another shot towards Michael, causing him to fall over and pretend to be dying. After shooting a number of police officers, Trevor flees the scene and briefly takes a hostage before running out into the woods.

    Meanwhile, a fake funeral is held for Michael Townley as both Dave and Michael watch separately from a distance. Shortly thereafter, Michael and his family are relocated from the Midwest to an affluent mansion in Los Santos. Dave still keeps in close contact with Michael after the events of the prologue.

    Aftermath of The Jewel Store Job

    As Michael invites Franklin to his house in order to celebrate their success of robbing the Vangelico Jewel Store, Dave Norton arrives in an attempt to warn Michael that his heist will bring in attention from Trevor, who will be sure to ask questions about what actually happened.


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