Dawn of War II: Retribution – The Last Standalone

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    A standalone version of the "The Last Stand" mode in Dawn of War II: Retribution.

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    This standalone release includes only one of the multiplayer modes in the Dawn of War II expansion Retribution, with the option to unlock the full expansion at an additional cost.

    The Last Stand mode is a three player cooperative survival mode that pits heroes from each faction against waves of enemies. There are currently two maps for to hold out on and both contain 20 waves of progressively harder enemies. Each wave grants more experience to the player, that is used to unlock more gear for the hero being played. While there are only currently 6 heroes to choose from each one is continually being updated with different gear for different roles. As you customize your hero to fit your team of three, you are scored in every round of last stand on how well your team preforms and ranked on a global ladder.

    Basic Rules

    Scoring: The number of points your team racks up is determined by the number of kills accumulated. Each kill has a preset value which is dependent upon its unit type, the stronger the unit more it is worth. Granted your team's performance is tracked by three factors that contribute to a overall multiplier for each kill.

    • Time: Each wave has a preset time to be finished in. If you fail to kill all the enemies in the time provided, you will no longer gain any more points. On the flip side of this, the faster enemies fall, the more they are worth. The timer provides at the most 5x multiplier.
    • Control Points: Every map contains 2 control points and each control point is worth 3x multiplier. The challenge is in holding these nodes as squads of enemies try to take them back while simultaneously trying to kill you.
    • Survival: Every wave some doesn't die you will gain one more multiplier. You can at the most only have 20x multiplier and if any point in the round someone is to die, it will reset back to one.

    Combat: The style of the fighting is derived from the PvP portion of Retribution but without all the balancing. You are given all the overpowered tools to crush your enemies but have a limited inventory. As each hero can only hold one weapon (one 2-hander or duel wield), one armor set, three accessory items and one commander item. You must design your hero, while keeping in mind the balance you must make with your team in order to complete the map with the best possible score.


    The Bloodied Colosseum

    This the launch map for last stand and is the easier of the two. It is easier due to not only its weaker waves but its size as well. Bloodied Colosseum is very large and escaping enemies is easy when you can leave their firing range. This map is most useful for lower-level heroes and players new to the game.

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    The layout of the map is done in a symmetric fashion. With the four entry points of the enemies lied out in a cross and all objects of strategic value set between them.

    Wave 1: 100 experience

    • 4x Shoota Boyz squads

    Wave 2: 100 experience

    • 4x Hormagaunt squads
    • 2x Termagant squads

    Wave 3: 100 experience

    • 6x Guardian squads

    Wave 4: 200 experience

    • 6x Imperial Guardsmen Squads
    • 1x Force Commander
    • 2x Apothecaries

    Wave 5: 150 experience

    • 2x Warrior Broods
    • 4x Termagant squads

    Wave 6: 150 experience

    • 2x pairs of Ork Nobz
    • 6x Shoota Boyz squads
    • 3x Stikkbombaz squads

    Wave 7: 150 experience

    • 2x Shuriken cannon teams
    • 4x Banshee squads
    • 2x warp spider squads

    Wave 8: 300 experience

    • 3x Zoanthropes
    • 2x Warrior Broods
    • 4x Termagant squads
    • 4x Hormagaunt squads

    Wave 9: 200 experience

    • 9x Banshee squads
    • 6x Shuriken cannon teams
    • 2x warp spider squads

    Wave 10: 200 experience

    • 10x Tactical Marine squads
    • 6x Scout squads

    Wave 11: 200 experience

    • 6x 'Uge Hammer Nobz
    • 8x Stronga Shoota Boyz squads
    • 6x Storm Boyz squads
    • 2x 'Uge Choppa Boyz

    Wave 12: 400 experience

    • 6x Guardian squads
    • 5x Warp Spider squads
    • 2x Banshee squads
    • 4x Wraithlords
    • 2x Shuriken Cannon teams

    Wave 13: 250 experience

    • 9x Stronga Shoota Boyz
    • 4x "Uge Choppa Nobs
    • 4x Rokkit Launchaz
    • 1x Ork Nobz

    Wave 14: 250 experience

    • 7x Termagant squads
    • 2x Warrior brood
    • 4x Raveners
    • 4x Hormagaunt

    Wave 15: 250 experience

    • 8x Stikkbombaz
    • 6x Rokkit Luachaz
    • 5x Stronga Shoota Boyz
    • 8x 'Uge Choppa Nob

    Wave 16: 600 experience

    • 3x Clones of player's team

    Wave 17: 300 experience

    • 8x Hormagaunts
    • 5x Termagants
    • 2x Warrior Broods
    • 4x Raveners
    • 3x Carnifexs
    • 1x Lictor Alpha

    Wave 18: 300 experience

    • 11x Stronga Shoota Boyz
    • 4x "Uge Choppa Nobz
    • 3x Rokkit Launchaz
    • 4x 'Uge Hamma Nobz
    • 6x Deff Dreads
    • 1x Warboss

    Wave 19: 300 experience

    • 11x Scout squads
    • 6x Tactical Marine squads
    • 4x Dreadnoughts
    • 3x Dreadnought with assualt cannons
    • 1x Terminator Marine

    Wave 20: 600 experience

    • 1x Clone team
    • 12x Bloodletter pairs
    • 1x Licter Alpha
    • 1x Warboss
    • 1x Terminator Marine
    • 1x Chaos Lord

    Completion of a round on this map grants a total of 5,100 experience.


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