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Killing zombies would be more fun if it wasn't so frustrating... 0

Dead Rising objective is quite simple; kill zombies in a mall, find out what the heck is going on, and saving people all within a time limit. Sounds quite interesting in that perspective considering that its a great homage to Dawn of the Dead. However while it is fun, it ends as you progress in the game.Another obvious thing about the game is the best part is killing the zombies with...well...EVERYTHING! It can be quite entertaining to see zombies get killed with Katanas, Shopping Carts, Lawnmow...

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A feast of zombie mayham spoiled by some bad design 1

 I’m not sure I’ve ever shouted so much at a game as I have at Dead Rising. In some ways it’s quite exceptional and, in others, rage-quit inducing. It’s a game with as many flaws as it has strengths and is difficult to recommend for that very reason. If, however, you can look your way past the instances of awkward and perverse design, you’ll enjoy a game which is not only engaging, but also interesting and unique in a lot of respects. You play as Frank West, a photojournalist, caught smack-ban...

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Zombie genocide at its finest 0

Dead Rising features a grand scale of zombie genocide. While Capcom's Resident Evil series has concentrated on horror and shock, the focus of Dead Rising is the positive side of the zombie apocalypse: the chance to beat the absolute crap out of the undead with whatever you can lay your hands upon. Repetitive side missions, frustrating save system, and occasionally awkward control scheme aside, Dead Rising is as much fun as it can possibly be with a mall overrun by shambling, and brain hungry zom...

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Great fun. 0

DEAD RISING 1. STORY / GAME MODES If you didn’t know already, this is a zombie game. You play the character of Frank West, a freelance photojournalist whose suspicion gets the better of him as he finds himself on a helicopter to ‘hell’. Well, it’s not hell in the literal sense but according to Carlito Keyes, it is the closest thing to it on earth. You see what Frank didn’t realise was that this mall wasn’t just the centre of a scheduled riot or anything along those lines, but had literally tak...

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Major wasted potential yet very fun 0

The demo was really what worked me up about this game. In the demo it did not show any flaws but a demonstration of how annoying the time limit can be. So just because I thought it was a minor thing I went out and bought it. The Good: Graphics are great, blood and gore feels right, crazy storyline, sound effects match exactly what you are doing, cars that can run over lots of zombies, bizarre cutscenes, bosses are scary and the zombies act like they are zombies. The Bad: Save system is very an...

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Dead rising will pull you in, but the flaws won't go unnoticed. 0

The DescriptionDead Rising is an action/adventure game brought to us by CAPCOM. The game is about a survivor(Frank West) who is a freelance reporter and decides it would be a good idea to investigate the local zombie infestation at the town mall. As you may have guessed, things go wrong. Frank gets trapped within the mall and has to survive for several hours before a helicopter comes and picks him up and takes him to safety. There is a little bit more story to be had here, but not much.The Revie...

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Capcom is a very odd company when it comes to developing games. They pretty much blanked the original Xbox in favour of the PS2. Sure, we got a few bits here and there but Marvel Vs Capcom does not really make up for Resident Evil does it? If the 360 was going to make a name for itself, it needed to get Capcom into bed and start making some sweet zombie love. [Thanks for the great mental image - Ed].  Several months later, Dead Rising was born and what a fantastic zombie battering sim the game...

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The Dead, Rising to the Challenge 0

WARNING: Spoilers, Bad Language!   Probably one of the most anticipated titles of 2006.  CAPCOM is not new to the horror genre with their Resident Evil franchise but has taken the chance to change this game into what is not your usual zombie slaying game.  You play as Frank West, a reporter.  Equipped with only a camera, you investigate what happened at Willamette Mall.  The story does take some points from the movie, Dawn of the Dead (such as: basing the game in a Mall) but is not a complete r...

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The Dead will Rise. Take a Photo! 0

Frank West is determined to get the Exclusive on the Zombie OutbreakAh, Zombies. Our Favorite Enemy in the beginnings of Horror Games, so slow and dumb, but still a little dangerous when one becomes swarmed with them. Dead Rising seems like a contract that offers us the ability to kill the undead any way we want, when we want to, and however we want. But in the fine print, we would have to deal with Long Load times, A Frustrating Save Feature, and intense Missions that if we fail, we May never g...

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Dead rising review 0

Dead rising could of been an alright game, if there was more depth it, if you know what i mean.The thing that probably starts to annoy you after a while is the save points, its annoying that you can only save in certain points, and that it hasn't got a save any where feature. So if you are doing really well in the game and forgot to save it you are going to have to start all again, untill where you last saved it.the fun thing is going around and killing zombies, there is loads of different varie...

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One of the best and unique action/adventure game for the Xbox 360 0

The Good:Being able to use practically everything as a weapon makes for a great and unique gameplay experience, entertaining boss-battles great story, good graphics, awesome sound-effects and the save-system makes the game challenging and also gives it great replay valueThe Bad:The AI of the bosses and survivors tend to be quite dumb sometimes, Very few saving locations and saving your game with to little time left on the clock can be a disaster, also Otis bloody phone calls during the missions ...

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truly next gen 4

this was one of the first game which i thought was truly an amazing game and here is whystory you play as frank west a photographer who hear some thing is happening in a small town so you hire a helicopter and fly over there you land on the shopping center and tell the guy to meet you in 3 days when you go in you see lots of zombies bashing at a door as people build a baracade to keep them out  but ofcurse something happens and the zombies get ingraphics the graphics are not gears of war or crys...

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Innovative & Ridiculously Fun 0

A console could never call itself complete without some sort of blockbuster zombie affiliated game lying around in its library. Capcom, who has always been there for the horror genre, has released another zombie thriller to the market. However, in Resident Evil's case, the consumer always fed off its haunting, bloodcurdling mood and atmosphere for desire. In Dead Rising, there are little to no survival-horror traits. Instead, there is only survival, and mindless brain-bashing festivity to be had...

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Pros and (a lot of) Cons: Dead Rising 0

I have to admit, playing a game where you're trapped for 72 hours in a mall swarming with zombies sounded pretty intriguing. This is the premise of Dead Rising, the new zombie-slaying action game from Capcom. Protagonist Frank West is a photojournalist investigating a strange phenomenon in the small town of Williamette. He is dropped off at the local mall and quickly discovers the phenomenon is actually zombies. The rest of the story is then spent on the mystery of why the zombies are there in t...

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Bad but in a good way 0

Dead Rising reminds me in a lot ways about the weird Japanese games of yesteryear, you know the ones where everything game mechanic was a mystery in itself for you to figure out. When I first played it somehow missed the fact that experience carries trough death and was floored by how difficult this game was, the controls were awkward, you need to stop to fire weapons and unarmed combat leaves a lot to be desired. Then there is everything else like escorting survivors that more often than not ge...

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The Ultimate Zombie Game 0

  Zombies are arguably one of the greatest enemy types in video games. You can kill them over and over, but it will never be enough. They will find you, and when they do, you need to be ready. In Dead Rising, you’re always ready. As Frank West, you’re stuck in a mall filled with everyday items that can easily be changed into lethal weapons. For the next 72 hours, you’re stuck in this mall, with thousands of zombies and psychopaths. Dead Rising is a flawed, and sometimes frustrating game, but wh...

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Bullet Point Review: Dead Rising (XB360) 0

What I liked: The Mall - The game, much like George A. Romero's Dawn of the Dead, takes place entirely inside a mall. And with that mall comes many stores and specialty shops that offer health, weapons, transportation etc. In fact the mall itself kinda becomes an unconventional character within the game itself. What I didn't like: Phone - The purpose of the phone in DR is to recieve little side missions so I can see why it is needed, problem is the damn thing never stops ringing. Once you ans...

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Diamond in the Rough of Summer 06 0

Remember Dawn of the Dead? Nothing like the American past-time of the mall being filled with flesh-eating zombies. It is clear that the base of Dead Rising is inspired by this great film. However, the folks at Capcom do put their own little twist to it.You are Frank West, a photo journalist trying to get a scoop. I would go on, I don't want to give anything away, and you've probably already seen the basis story.Now on to the 'meat', pun intended. There are zombies everywhere. And I mean EVERYWHE...

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I just wish it rose a little higher 1

Dead Rising is a zombie-oriented game by Capcom, which automatically brings the Resident Evil series to mind. However the presence of zombies is the only thing these games have in common. Dead Rising is not at all scary, pure action from beginning to end, while all the Resident Evil games were designed from the ground up as horror experiences. Well, except 5 anyway. Dead Rising has an acceptable premise, satisfying gameplay, and nicely polished graphics. It's really too bad that seve...

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When just a gun isn't enough... 0

So, we're in a Zombie infested mall and have a bunch of items at our disposal. First instinct would be to kill them all, but it's not that simple. Dead Rising turns a lot of people off because of the tedious nature of the game, because sure, killing zombies for hours on end is fun for a while, but it gets real old real fast. That's why if you're planning to get this game to just spend hours bashing in zombies heads with every object you can, you won't get much out of this great title. If you del...

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Yeah it was cool 0

At first the game was amazing, still is if u just wanna roam around. BUT the lack of co-op or any online mode whatsoever. I did absolutely hate the single player campaign. It was wayyy too hard, but for some reason i wish i didnt sell it because i absolutely love it, its just awesome to hit a zombie in the head with a hammer and make the head explode into a million pieces. Buy it, but dont play the campaign...

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Dead Rising 0

Dead Rising was the first game I picked up for the 360, actually it was the reason i bought a 360. Being trapped in a mall with thousands of zombies and countless items to violently kill them with? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! The concept made 'Dawn of the Dead' great, and it didn't disappoint in Dead Rising either. I actually knowingly bought it less than a week before the price drop and those extra few days were well worth the lack of restraint. GOOD STUFF: Zombies- Zombies are awesome. And there are ...

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Dead Rising (X360) - Review by Kim Fidler 1

Every console generation always seems to have a title that is misunderstood. It has all the elements that makes a game great, yet it attempts something new that many who play just don’t seem to understand. When Dead Rising was released in 2006, it was praised as a title that tried to revolutionize the standard formula of open world games, while at the same time it was also criticized for its unforgiving real-time aspects. Described by Keiji Inafune, the game’s creator, as a throwback to the ol...

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Should not have played this 0

The early Xbox 360 zombie killing simulator took its time to come top of my to-be-played pile. After playing Case Zero it would have been better to be kept there.. For some reason I had an impression that this game didn't have lot's of a story. Even after playing Case Zero earlier which had a nice and short tale. The protagonist Frank West goes to investigate small city of Willamette. Roads have been blocked but Frank has been smart boy and rented a helicopter. When getting closer it is clear t...

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Highly Addictive 0

Dead Rising is made by Capcom, the minds who brought you the Resident Evil series, so zombie games are right up their alley. What makes Dead Rising so cool is its originality. Capcom throws you in a mall with thousands, literally thousands, of zombies and lets you loose. Nearly everything you can think of is weapon fro a frisbee to a water gun to a chainsaw and auger. The amount of weapons in this game are astonishing. Here is just a few of the weapons in Dead Rising: lead pipe, chainsaw, dumbel...

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Some major flaws are to be had, but overall it is a fun game. 0

Never have I been so scared that my motocycle crashed in a parking lot. Why I was scared? 'Cause I was surrounded in a parking lot filled with over 3,000 zombies (or more) coming towards me.And that's what Dead Rising does so perfectly. DR is Capcom's "what if you just wanted to kill zombies" game where you play as a freelance photo-journalist named Frank. Frank hears a rumor that a town is closed by the publich for unknown reason. Frank wants to do a story of it and the only way to go to the to...

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A game that proves that all you need is a good idea. 0

Dead Rising is one of those games that is just so unique (for a video game at least) that no matter how crappy the game is you can still find some reason to play it. Luckily Capcom has not made one of those games. It has made a good game all around. The game consists of many missions associated with rescuing survivors and killing psychopaths. All while trying to avoid an endless supply of zombies throughout the mall. Many of these missions are optional and in your first playthrough you will lea...

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Like 'Dawn of the Dead' meets 'Pokemon Snap' 0

**Disclaimer: This is one of my first reviews so hopefully it's not entirely a bumbling mess.** Zombies have fascinated humanity for a very long time. The idea of the dead coming back to life to feast on the living is one that has sparked many movies and horror stories alike. Yet when it came to the world of video games, Capcom was the only developer able to become the heavy hitter in the battle against the undead. Capcom, who produced the survival horror dynasty Resident Evil, has unleashed an...

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A game to love, despite a few flaws. 0

Dead Rising came to the 360 at a time when gamers needed a reason to love their new next generation console, and it delivered.  The simple pleasure of killing zombies was given to gamers in a way that was never seen or possible before, thanks for countless weapons as well the 360's ability to process hundreds of zombies on screen at a time. If you ever had the urge to take crappy CDs and chuck them at brain-eaters or to mow over the undead, this game is for you!   The narrative was also compelli...

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Zombies in a mall. 0

Dead Rising takes several tried and true ideas from different genres and slams them into an awesome package. What is Dead Rising?   Is it an open world sandbox? Is it an action adventure? Is it a role playing game? Is it a horror survival? Well its pretty much what you would get if you put all of that together added an unbelievable number of zombies and set it in a near modern day shopping mall. The idea is cliché but the game play can capture your imagination immediately.   You are Frank West...

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gameplay=great. but game suffers from bad design decisions. 0

The graphics: 8.5Today the graphics are starting to show their age, but back when it was basically a launch title for the Xbox 360, it was a sight to behold, with all the vibrant colors and advertisements you'd expect to find in a real mall. I suppose the background is perfect to show the contrast between the colorful scenery, and the darkness and gloominess of what's actually happening to you, which has a bizarre effect on you, instilling a feeling you can almost associate with claustrophobia. ...

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They're coming to get you, Barbara! 0

Released in August of 2006 as one of the first of several zombie games that would later come to the 360, Dead Rising is centered around one Frank West, a photographer built like a linebacker who catches a scoop regarding a series of riots in a small town. During the flyby opening, it is apparent that something is very wrong and, after landing in a nearly empty mall where survivors are holed up, he finds himself struggling to survive amidst a ravening hoard of the living dead. The game centers ar...

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Patience and persistence pay off in the end... 0

Dead Rising is an action-adventure/survival game by Capcom which would make you think that it's a wannabe Resident Evil clone, and you'd be wrong, "dead" wrong. The only thing about Dead Rising that resembles RE is, of course, the zombies, but Dead Rising takes a much campier, more "Americana", approach and a very different gameplay approach. You play the game as Frank West, an investigative reporter looking into the mysteries behind a strange viral outbreak in the small town of Williamette, Co...

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