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Games I like in concept more than in execution.

It's pretty simple. Sometimes, I want to like a game far more than I am actually liking it. While I guess they could also fall in my "Wasted Potential" list, I find that the key difference is that not all of these games are generally bad, but more likely not in my taste.  For your sake and mine, I will try to stick to stuff that is well known. List is in no particular order.

List items

  • I'm sure I am not the only person who thinks this, but while I think there are a lot of great ideas and underlying concepts in Dead Rising (i.e. Shopping Mall full of Zombies. Widescale murder thereof), I found that all the problems people had with it were problems I had with it too. It's punishing (with both the save and the time mechanics), obtuse, and (one of my cardinal sins of gaming) excessively grindy. So while I will be able to appreciate Dead Rising 2 from a distance, I probably won't touch it.

  • Yeah. I have already covered this. It's a blog I did a while ago. All I will say here is that it holds a lot of promise, which it slowly wastes away through a fairly dull story and broken RPG mechanics. AND THE VIOLINS. ALWAYS PLAYING. BECAUSE THAT'S THE ONLY INSTRUMENT USED IN THE ENTIRE SOUNDTRACK.

  • What's to say? Blood, boobs, and excessive amounts of violence. Nonetheless, the game's sadistic (and basically unfair) difficulty (even on regular) make it much harder for me to recommend than say... Devil May Cry 3, which while still hard, is something a mortal could reasonably finish.

  • I have a very schizophrenic relationship with Daggerfall. One one hand, it's a hilariously overblown mish-mash of all the things valued by western RPGs circa 1996, which is great in some (borderline ironic) way. On the other hand, I am totally and completely incapable of playing it anymore. It's the jankiest game I have ever played. Oh, and the dungeons are still too big.

  • Once again, as someone who foams at the mouth when Fire Emblem (and other such strategy RPGs) are mentioned, It seems like I would like this game. Sadly, the grindiness caught up to me. No amount of Level 9999 characters will make me finish it. I would also put Final Fantasy tactics on this list, but I haven't really played enough to give a legitimate opinion

  • Yeah, no. We aren't getting into this again. Wizardry is the SirTech franchise that I like (and even then, that really just means Wiz 8)

  • The thing is, a good portion of the fighting game skill I have acquired is absolutley null and void for this game, and I'm really not in a position to improve. Which is a shame, because being competent at this game looks pretty dang rad.

  • While I guess this could also apply to Fallout 1 and Tactics, Fallout 2 is the game that has given me the most greif of the 3. It clearly has good ideas and decent mechanics, but there are certain aspects, such as the pacing, that really mess me up and make these games unplayable to me.

  • I guess I'm not a masochist?

  • All the games in the series. Maybe I'm not a team player?