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Aggressive Mediocrity in Portable Form 0

Dear Intelligent Systems, I'm pretty stoked that Fire Emblem is finally doing well for you guys, but I'd also really like you to make a new Advance Wars. Or a Paper Mario RPG that isn't crap. 2015 has not been a great year for me and turn-based tactical games. Aside from the systems-heavy, 110% Anime stylings of Disgaea 5 (which I’ve found surprisingly enjoyable thus far), I’ve found this year to be lacking in grid-based strategizing that I can get behind. Invisible Inc’s mix ...

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Diet Platinum: None of the calories, tastes like chemicals. 7

Alternate Title: A brief review of an even more brief game. I'll admit, my expectations weren't high when I picked up The Legend of Korra off PSN for $6, but if you've followed my game playing history you should well know that I am someone who engages with the questionable to sate my own foolish curiosity. Sometimes that works out, as with the last game I reviewed. This one? I'd say my low expectations were well met and not in any way surpassed. While it's no Devil May Cry 2 in terms of awful, ...

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It turned out the evil was inside of us all along! 4

Alternate Title: ArbitraryWater versus Grindhouse Bootleg Resident Evil and its barbed-wire friendsThough the Metacritic stands at a respectable 75, I’d say the general reception of The Evil Within was far more... mixed when it came out last October, one of those games that I knew I’d have to play for myself to have any sort of concrete opinion on. One of the advantages of getting a PS4 during the summer drought months is that I’ve been able to catch up on stuff I’ve miss...

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Turns out the chalice is neither massive nor especially deep 1

Alternate Title: "Games I should like, but don't 2: With Apologies to Brad Muir"It's weird to think that around two years ago I seriously considered backing this game on Kickstarter, but didn't. A turn-based tactics game with Crusader Kings-esque dynasties of heroes? That sounds like a thing I might have given my money to! But I didn't. By June of 2013, when this game was funded, I think the initial hype machine surrounding Kickstarter as a way to make games had started to die down a little. I ...

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Obsidian Infinity: Pillars of Eternity - 2.0 Edition EX Plus Alpha 4

It's fair to say that among the neglected and destitute genres that have benefited from the recent rise and popularity of crowdfunding, the classical CRPG is near the top of the list. Between Wasteland 2 and Divinity: Original Sin (along with non-crowdfunded efforts like Might and Magic X), 2014 was an excellent year for a style of game that had long been sidelined by more mainstream, mass-market RPGs. And now this year we have Pillars of Eternity, Obsidian's entry into the foray and in my perso...

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A merely passable RPG, but one with a lot of future potential 2

Shadowrun Returns is probably most notable for being an early kickstarter success, riding on the coattails of Double Fine. While it didn’t reach the heights of Wasteland 2, Project Eternity and Torment, it still made a respectable 1.8 million, four times its initial goal. The pitch was to bring back Shadowrun, the “Cyberpunk with Elves” setting of a pen and paper game, as well as two well-regarded games for SNES and Genesis and make a RPG hearkening back to those two titles as well as the pen an...

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Certainly not as bad as Horse Armor, but... 2

The Orrey is one of the two initial DLC packs announced for Oblivion, with the promise of being able to see inside the locked door at the arcane university and go on some sort of adventure. It certainly sounded better than horse armor, which to this day is one of the better examples of overpriced and unneeded downloadable content. After all, The Orrey must be way better than Horse Armor, right? In actuality, The Orrey is a bland 15-minute quest that consists entirely of going to random bandit ca...

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A slightly improved version of a classic. 0

Banjo Kazooie was originally released in 1998, when platformers were king and everyone was trying to imitate Mario 64. Now, 10 years later the game has been re-released for Xbox Live Arcade with HD graphics and Leaderboard Support. Although it is almost entirely a straight port it is still an excellent game and most definitley worth your $15 (or it was free if you pre-ordered BK Nuts and Bolts).Teh Graphikz From an artistic standpoint the Rare charm is still in full force, as almost everything h...

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