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A very worthy downloadable title

DeathSpank is a game that I see getting a lot of mixed opinions about lately. Some like it for what it is, while others see what it isn't and wish it were more. I am of the former group. Growing up playing mostly console games, I do not really have much experience in the loot driven hack and slash RPG genre. There are a few great exceptions but for the most part the genre has a pretty scarce amount of offerings available on consoles.

I feel that DeathSpank does a great job at offering a good slice of a Diablo style action and it does it for a great price. $15 may seem higher than other offerings on downloadable platforms but I feel that it earns it with it's production values and overall length of the adventure. I have heard people say they finished the game in around 5 hours. personally, I spent over 10+ hours doing every side quest in the game and taking in all the wonderfully decorated sights that the game has to offer. There is a lot to see here. There are just so many different environments, enemies, characters, and side quests to partake in that you will constantly have something to do the entire way through the game.

There are a lot of options in the combat as well. You can equip 8 different slots with all sorts of weapons, potions, and food healing items. You can then access them at any time by pressing the corresponding face button or D pad direction. Having all these items just a button push away really cuts down on time spent in your menu which leaves more time to do the actual fighting and healing in real time. You also have options for all sorts of powerful moves when you fill your justice meter as well as a system of chaining different slotted attacks together to gain multiplier bonuses. There is also a local multiplayer mode where player 2 plays as a support character and can aid DeathSpank in battle. This character however; has no persistence and his abilities are based on player 1's current level. 

You have a large quantity of loot to acquire and are constantly finding better items than the ones you are using. All this inventory management never gets in the way due to the games grinder that is always available in your inventory. You simply drag what items you don't want any more over the the grinder and it is instantly turned into cash. Sadly one of the games downsides is there is almost no reason to have any money in the first place as buying items is pretty unimportant. You will end up with millions of coins and nothing to really spend it on aside from the occasional healing items and necessary quest items. There was only one occasion where I purchased a better weapon and armor pieces. Almost every thing you will actually use you will just naturally find along your quest and it will come very rapidly.

DeathSpank is a game that some will love while others will find it mediocre. The lack of no true multiplayer support will instantly bring it down for some and others may just want to keep playing the larger and deeper experiences that already exist on PC. Those that have not already had their fill of this genre can find a worthy adventure well worth the $15 asking price.

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