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Defiance is a first person shooter developed by Logicware for the PC. The game tasks the player with repelling an alien invasion aboard your futuristic space suit.


The galaxy is at war. Two waring factions have been battling in space for decades and have reached a stalemate. This is unfortunate since combat was taking place in space because of the lack of civilian casualties. You are part of the Hegemonistic Core of Planets and are in training, trying out the new LAV-6 SABER suit. Suddenly, the Anterran Premacy Worlds attack your home planet of Calchona. The home world troops are in disarray and you remain the only hope against this new menace.


Defiance combines both shooting and puzzle solving. Shooting is done in first person and resembles Descent and Quake where you jump around the environments at a fast pace, taking out enemies along the way. Your suit contains a variety of weapons including missiles and bouncing bombs. You face off against 18 different enemies that are also armed to the teeth with missiles and can fly around (there is a flying Manta Ray that can shoot missiles from its tail in this game).

Defiance also focuses on puzzles. Your suit has two small thrusters that can boost you up to nearby ledges. However, boosting must be done in dosed shots as to not overheat. This makes navigating the environment complicated as you must be able to access how far you can go with your boost and calculate your next move. If you miss a platform, you will fall, probably to your doom.

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