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    Demon Ruins

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    An underground area in Dark Souls connecting Quelaag's Domain to Lost Izalith; its main attractions are three separate bosses, pools of lava, and - as advertised - demons.

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    The Demon Ruins is a series of subterranean caverns located far beneath the surface of Lordran that connects Quelaag's Domain to Lost Izalith. Lava pools and flows throughout the area, and several varieties of demons infest this hellish terrain. The ancient stone remnants of a long-lost civilization are strewn along the caverns, suggesting that the area was once inhabited by residents of Lordran.

    The Witch of Izalith long ago attempted to recreate the First Flame, but instead created the twisted Bed of Chaos, destroying the city of Izalith and its surroundings in the process. This act also gave birth to the first demons, many of which have since climbed out of Lost Izalith to terrorize the Demon Ruins and Lordran's upper areas. Players descending into the ruins must first defeat Ceaseless Discharge, one of the Witch of Izalith's corrupted children, in order to drain a lava pool blocking the path.

    The Ruins' second boss, the Demon Firesage, is a variation on the Asylum Demon and Stray Demon bosses from the Undead Asylum tutorial area. He is only accessible after placing the Lordvessel at Firelink Altar. Past the Firesage's chamber, players can head up a flight of stairs to activate a convenient elevator shortcut back to Quelaag's Domain, or continue down towards the Centipede Demon, the area's final boss.

    Members of the Chaos Servant covenant with a +2 rank or higher can open a large stone door in the Demon Ruins that acts as a shortcut to Lost Izalith, bypassing a lava lake filled with difficult Bounding Demon enemies. This shortcut passage also contains the Sunlight Maggot, a harmless insect that can be worn on the head as a light source. Players wishing to prevent Solaire of Astora from becoming Hollow must kill the red-eyed Maggot in this passage before proceeding to Lost Izalith; otherwise, he will appear here as a Hollow and attack the player on sight.

    Two enemies fought previously as bosses, the Taurus and Capra Demons, also reappear in the Demon Ruins as standard enemies; they are less powerful compared to their original forms, but gather here in greater numbers.


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