For the love of God help me.

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I've hit a stumbling block on NG+ I'm SL122 and Ive cleared worlds 2 and 3. I'm stuck on the False King, Old Hero and Leechmonger (yeah I know I suck) I'm primarily a faith build although I tend not to use miracles.

My stats are:
Vit: 32
Int: 13
End: 40
Str: 31
Dex: 20
Mag: 6
Fat: 50
Luck: 10

My typical equipment is:
Purple Flame Shield +9
Istarelle +3
Large sword of Moonlight +2

I also have the Meat Cleaver and a Dragon Knight Sword +5

Full Ancient King's set
Eternal Warriors Ring
Cling Ring

Any help or advice would be great cheers peeps.

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You can dispatch False King, Old Hero and Leechmonger with arrows. 
BTW, as a faith build vs. enemies other than bosses, you should be rocking blessed mirdan hammer +5 (two handed) and adjudicator's shield +5 on your back.

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just look up advice on the wiki.
any information that might be suggested here is probably available on that page. good luck.

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Can't edit from mobile site but just beat Leechmonger.

I seem to deal very little damage only about 145 to Leech with my Istarelle.

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@Theresonlyone said:
Can't edit from mobile site but just beat Leechmonger. I seem to deal very little damage only about 145 to Leech with my Istarelle.
According to the wiki, blessed mirdan hammer +5 with max stats does 453 R1 base damage.   At max stats Istarelle +5 does 327 damage. 
My faith build had a blessed mirdan hammer +5 and a blessed claymore +5.
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When it rains it pours. Just beat the whole of world 5. Dragon Sword ftw.

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@Theresonlyone: What's your playing style? Also, if you're a faith build then having Second Chance on you helps a lot. Don't worry about Game+ giving you a lesson in ass rape. It happens to everyone. Game+ is about 40% increase in difficulty. After that the game's difficulty goes up by only 8%. You'll see that Game++ will be "easier" on you.  
You won't get much use for the Meatcleaver with a faith build. Meatcleaver, like many other unique weapons in the game, is a weapon you HAVE to build your character around. Istarelle is only good when you want to bump your poison defense, extremely useful on 5-2 but it's kinda crappy as a melle weapon.  PM me if you have other problems or questions. 
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Good god ignore the wiki.  If you are faith you need to get blessed weapons but for gods sake find weapons that work for you, do not just go for what some guy says "hits the hardest".  Second yeah really, things like that wiki dont bother to mention to you some mobs are resistant to magic.  As in, everything in world 5.  You use dragon weapons there or fire spells.  Also maybe tone back the armor/shield.  Get yourself a dark silver plus 5 or a knights plus 10, learn to parry enemy attacks.  Anyone who masters parrying will tell you they feel sorry for people who think tower shields are the best.  Use second chance or warding more often, no reason not to if you are a faith build.  Lastly as much as i love the thing, drop the large sword of moonlight.  Other than turtlers like red eye knights it is basically useless and hits for less damage than other weapons will.
Also meatcleaver is fine.  You do not have to build your character around it other than base stats.  In fact it is one of the few retardedly overpowered weapons in the game as it benefits from a large range of stats (faith being one) can be enchanted and it steals the hp of enemies you hit.  That said using it effectively takes alot of practice.  It does start weak though, like the other multi stat scaler the blueblood sword it sort of requires you to level up alot to really see it shine.

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