So a thing happened in Destiny this week

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So every 3 weeks in Destiny 2 in the dreaming city you can go visit Queen Mara Sov in her throw somewhere out in space, however, this week something ells happens when you go to the Queen instead of meeting with the queen because she is not there you can instead hit a prompt on the table are treated to a cutscene (I suggest if you can go and visit the queen before you revile the spoiler) in which Uldren Sov is brought back to life thanks to a ghost making him a guardian here is a link to said cutscene one scene has a lot of different implications going forward in the story of Destiny and I can't wait to see what the resolution of it is.

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This scene leaked 3 weeks ago or so but we didn't know when it would drop. I had already seen it, but boy was it fun being in a party with Uppercase last night when he watched this for the first time. Needless to say this is a kind of a big deal. It has some of the biggest, most interesting story ramifications that have ever happened in the Destiny franchise. It hits on all the things that happened throughout the Forsaken story campaign, original D1's story, a ton of lore ramifications, and the story as a whole going forward. This honestly is a must watch for anyone even with a passing interest in the going on's with the Destiny universe going forward if you are caught up through Forsaken. I highly recommend taking a look at it.

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Uldren could essentially become a new character (remember, guardians don't retain any memory of their mortal lives). It could be very interesting to see a character that was essentially just born into this world interacting with people that have a very skewed viewpoint based on who he used to be and what he did in his past life. I'm interested to see where they go with this, and I hope they pick up this story sooner rather than later.

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@ll_exile_ll: I agree that a bumbling Uldren Guardian walking into the Tower, not knowing the steaming pile of poop he's walking into is going to be very interesting (think D1 our character first loading into the Tower and being told what a Guardian is, but with everyone hating his guts being probably the most reviled character in the galaxy currently), but even more so, the fact that if you think back on the Guardian Hunter Dare Cayde-6 put out that the Hunter who killed him will take his place as the Hunter Vanguard, and that Zavala said they will be honoring Cayde's Dare, it gets real interesting if Uldren becomes the new Hunter Vanguard. Since Cayde's death, many have speculated who that might end up being, and to be honest, there really hasn't been that good of a candidate in my opinion. This really could be the most interesting choice of that possible, that Uldren might not only be stepping into the Tower as the most hated person in the galaxy, but also as the new Hunter Vanguard as well.

Note: This is the Ghost we see, at least that's who many assume it to be. He is rather beloved by many lore enthusiasts as a favorite, so him choosing Uldren as his Guardian is kind of a big deal.

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I, for one, do not want Uldren back. Pretty cool to sneak some story in there a couple months in though.

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I've seen that idea about the Vanguard elsewhere as well, but it makes very little sense. Would Zavala really be so dense as to be like "Hello new guardian, I know you're probably very confused and don't really know who you are, what's going, or who we are, but congratulations! You're in charge!" It would be like if after the first mission in the Cosmodrome in D1 if our character was made a vanguard. Uldren may be an established character, but this guardian version of him is, for all intents and purposes, a different person altogether and a complete newcomer. It would be really dumb and out of character for the members of the vanguard to put a brand new guardian in charge of anything.

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