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    Destiny 2

    Game » consists of 4 releases. Released Sep 06, 2017

    The full-fledged follow-up to Bungie's sci-fi "looter shooter", streamlining much of the previous game's mechanics while featuring larger worlds and new abilities. It was later made free-to-play.

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    Destiny 2 Review: From PS4 to PC 1

    I've played quite a bit of this game across two platforms, and three characters. I'll try my best to clearly identify what I liked and what I did not from the PC version, coming from the PS4.Firstly, the game looks and feels great... but that's to be expected from this developer. The most important piece here is that the game itself is a lot of fun to play (more so if you have a friend or two) and is rewarding in a number of different ways. I found myself participating in a nice blend of privat...

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    A Big Step Backwards for Bungie and the Destiny Franchise 0

    During its first years, Destiny produced mixed emotions of delight and frustration for Guardians. Bungie crafted a universe full of mysticism, lore, beautiful skyboxes, exotic environments, and impactful gunplay but left players craving better exposition for story missions and better rewards for their time. Bungie learned from their mistake by structuring each story mission in their first expansion, The Taken King, with actual cutscenes and story exposition. Bungie also added diverse gameplay me...

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    Fanatics will take issue with the endgame, but Destiny 2 sets up a very strong base for the future. 0

    System played: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PCGame completed: YesLogged at review time: 350 hoursExperience: Played the beta. Played Destiny 1 at 1700 hours.You can't mention the Destiny brand without having two camps be formed: fanatics who loved the game and people who wanted to love it but stumbled over its many flaws and roadblocks. I belong to the former, putting time into the game was something I did without regret. As many others would agree: it is the way it plays. No other shooter really ma...

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    Destiny 2 0

    The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing people he didn't exist. The greatest trick Destiny 2 will ever pull is convincing people it is a good game.The last city on Earth is being attacked by a zealot Cabal known as Ghaul. He and his Red Legion have arrived to take The Traveler and its light from all of the Guardians. It is up to you, guardian, to fight the Cabal, free The Traveler, and return the Light to all of the Guardians.The opening of this game is strong but the game quickl...

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    A step up from the original 0

    Unlike most people, my time with the original Destiny was short-lived. When it first came out, I finished the single-player campaign (about 8 hours) then sent it back to GameFly, never to touch it again. I was disappointed with Destiny, to say the least. It was a game that played incredibly well, but that was about it. I heard from many people that the DLCs all changed the game for the better, but I was so turned off by the original iteration of Destiny to ever try it again. With that being said...

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    Destiny 2 Review (unfinished) 0

    Destiny is one of this generation's biggest gaming franchises and it's not too hard to see why. But despite its status, it's still very flawed, especially the first entry. Luckily for us gamers and hardcore Destiny fans the second entry does deliver on the promise the first game made back when it was announced. Destiny 2 feels like what the first Destiny should've been. As a result, it doesn't feel entirely like a sequel though, more like a soft reboot that atones for the mishaps of the fi...

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    Curse of Osiris: Technically impressive, but creatively insignificant content is saved by a fantastic first Raid Lair. 0

    System played: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PCDLC completed: YesLogged at review time: Approximately 35 hours.Experience: Finished everything in Vanilla. Total playtime of 443 hours.Curse of Osiris is the first of two DLC's that release for Destiny 2 in its first year. After exactly one year, we will get a grand expansion similar to Taken King, after which we will get another two smaller DLC's over that year. This DLC adds a new small storyline, two new Strikes, a new small patrol zone on Mercury, a...

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    Destiny 1.5 0

    Sequels to successful games come in two ways, they either revamp an existing formula or they do exactly what the previous entry did. Somehow Destiny 2 falls in between these two theories, as it's quite different but also the exact same as before. In Destiny's case, that's not a bad thing. The original Destiny started off as a barren wasteland of gameplay and quickly devolved into a boring slog with nothing pushing you forward. But Bungie took great care to make the game into something great, by ...

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