Warmind Reveal and Destiny Summit (Updated 5/4/18 After TWAB)

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Warmind Reveal

On 4/24/18, the reveal for the Warmind DLC went live on Twitch at 10am Pacific. The livestream for that event (all of the below information was updated on 4/27/18 since the amount of announcements post stream was getting too long, and formatting was insane, including Bungie's own TWAB on Thursday that recapped and expanded upon it). Note: If you haven't played Destiny 2 since Curse of Osiris's launch, or kept up with changes already implemented in Destiny 2 since then, check out this Reddit Post that does a decent job of getting you up to speed of what has already changed.

Beware of possible spoilers to the Campaign after the 1:10 mark in the Launch Trailer. It does show the end boss, so for those who know who/what that is, it could be a spoiler.

Season 3 Information

  • Season 3 starts with the Warmind release on May 8th at reset (10am Pacific).
  • Max Level will increase to 30 (from 25) and Power Level will increase to 380 (385 with all +5 Mods). There will also be a softcap (all items including Rare drops) at 340, and another minor softcap at 370 where the only major significant Power increases come from End Game Activities (Raids/Trials/etc). At the same time, both Exotic Engrams (Exotic Rewards are unaffected, only Engrams, or drops from Public Events) and Clan Engrams will only reward a 0-2 Power increase, thus decreasing their viability for increasing Power Levels.
  • Enemy Delta Scaling for Power Levels is also changing from 40 to 50, with a Power Delta of 50+ showing un-damageable Red ??? enemies (like D1). This allows higher level players to feel stronger or weaker in Public Spaces and Power Leveled events. Energy Weapons are also receiving a change to damage dealt: 3x for matching Shields, 2x for non-matching Shields. This will allow Match Game to return as a modifier in the Heroic/Nightfall Playlists.
  • Similar to the release Curse of Osiris (and changes made afterwards due to Community unrest), while Power Level Requirements aren't changing for Leviathan, Eater of Worlds, or Trials of the Nine, all 3 of these End Game Activities Gear Drops will have Power Levels up to 380, and thus be viable to reach Max Power Level (if you only own Vanilla, you will still be capped at 300, or only Curse at 330, 380 will only be for Warmind owners). - Twitter.
  • The Development Roadmap was updated a few weeks ago to showcase the changes that are coming for all players of Destiny, regardless of DLC ownership (some of these items will be discussed in greater detail in their own sections below).
    • Seasonal Crucible Rankings and Private Matches (see Crucible Changes).
    • Exotic Weapon Masterworks and Exotic Weapon Sandbox Changes (see Exotics).
    • The Vault is being increased by 100 Spaces from 200 to 300. Also, while not on the DR, these next two items also coincide with Vault space increases in a way. Vault and Postmaster item deletion is coming as well as a new Pursuits Tab under the Shader Tab in the Inventory Menu.
    • The new Multi-Emote was shown off during stream and by a few Content Creators that got footage from the Summit like Datto. It just allows you to place a Custom Emote to each of the 4 D-pad Directions. Your entire Emote collection is now available under the Multi-Emote, rather than just 9, so no need to pick and choose which to keep with you.
    • Seasonal Vendor Progression is a new way Vendors will grant extra Gear. After hitting certain levels within a Season with a Vendor, it will unlock new tiers of items they have available to purchase. These will likely be very good and powerful items.
    • Heroic Strikes are finally getting Modifiers like in D1 Nightfalls, 1 Burn, 1 Advantage, 1 Disadvantage. Burns rotate Weekly, but Advantage/Disadvantages rotate daily. Players are also now able to purchase Legendary Nightfall Challenge Cards from Xur. Similar to Heroic Strikes, Legendary Nightfall Challenge Cards allow you to add 1 Burn, 1 Advantage, 1 Disadvantage, and 2 additional Disadvantages for 3 Total. Nightfalls also have a Unique Pool of Disadvantages not available on Heroic Strikes. Par Scores are also being updated to 30k/60k/110k/200k.
    • Heroic and Base Nightfall Modifiers are...
      • Arc/Solar/Void Singe (Burns) - 25% increased damage (incoming/outgoing).
      • Brawler (Advantage) - Double Melee recharge rate and damage.
      • Grenadier (Advantage) - Double Grenade recharge rate and damage.
      • Heavyweight (Advantage) - Triple Power Ammo drop rate, double damage.
      • Glass (Disadvantage) - Half health/shields, double recharge rates.
      • Blackout (Disadvantage) - No radar, 20x enemy melee damage.
      • Iron (Disadvantage) - Enemies do not stagger, and health pools are increased by 50%.
    • Unique Nightfall Disadvantages are...
      • Extinguish - Return to Orbit on wipe.
      • Famine - Ammo drops reduced by 50%.
      • Match Game - Players must match the Damage type to Shield type to remove it.
      • Attrition - Health regen is slowed greatly, but enemies drop health pickups on death.
      • Momentum - Health regen only occurs when players are moving.
  • Other changes for 1.2.0 have been noted in the 5/3/18 TWAB...
    • New Guided Games Emblem, that tracks Games Guided, gives an Aura, and once a week with the Aura (lasts 14 days from the last Guided Game) active a player will be given 1 free extra Bright Engram drop.
    • In game audio settings were revised/added: SFX Volume/Dialog-Cinematics Volume/Music Volume/Chat Volume.
    • Fixed an issue where players would load into a black screen Tower (though I thought they fixed this weeks ago).
    • Raid and Raid Lair loot drops are now Class based, rather than Character based. This means players who run 2 or 3 of the same Class, will not receive loot drops when finishing the Raid per week on that 2nd or 3rd Class.
    • Eververse is getting a new feature called the Prismatic Matrix. 10 Warmind (Current DLC only) Cosmetics will be in the Prismatic Matrix each week. All items will be on a Knockout System, therefor if you own any of the items, it won't be able to drop. Each week for the first Level Up, all players will receive 1 Prismatic Facet (players can hold up to 3 at a time) that they may turn in at any time. These are stored under your Engrams, so make sure you have space when Leveling Up. Each week, players can purchase additional Prismatic Facets for 200 Silver ($2), or up to the other 9 Facets available.
    • Tess will also bring 18 rather than 14 Eververse items for sale for Bright Dust each week.

Warmind Information

  • Warmind has been developed primarily by Vicarious Visions under Creative Director Brent Gibson and Bungie’s Partner Design Lead Evan Nikolich. Vicarious Visions has been working on Destiny 2 for 2 years, which includes this DLC and their port of Destiny 2 to PC.
  • The story of Warmind will follow Ana Bray (Guardian Hunter) and new Vendor on a mission to track down her past on Mars.
  • The main antagonists are a new form of “Icey” Hive known as “The Grasp of Nokris” who are trying to revive the Worm God Xol. They are likely following the Hive Prince Nokris (similar to Crota). For a more detailed look into who these characters are, see this MyNameIsByf video.
  • New features for Warmind include the following…
    • New Story, Adventures, and likely Lost Sectors.
    • New Location: Polar Ice Caps of Mars, which has 45 Collectibles of some form. Sparrows are allowed to be used, and we have at least 2 known Deploy Zones. Mars should be roughly the size of the current planet Titan, if not slightly larger.
    • 2 New Strikes (Will of the Thousands and Strange Terrain) for all Platforms, and 1 PS4 Exclusive (The Insight Terminous).
    • All new Horde Mode Activity called Escalation Protocol (see Escalation Protocol).
    • All new Raid Lair: Spire of Stars.

Escalation Protocol

  • Escalation Protocol is a 3 Player Horde Mode located in a Public Space that allows multiple Fireteams (think D1’s Archon Forge).
  • There are 7 possible Levels, each starting with a 3 minute timer to clear Ads and complete objectives (think Prison of Elders). When those are done, 1 minute is added and a Boss spawns. Killing the Boss allows you to proceed to the next level. Level 7 has a Unique Boss (there are 5 Unique Boss’s, that rotate weekly, think Court of Orxy D1).
  • Loot is obtained at the completion of Level 3, Level 5, and the best Loot is obtained from killing the Level 7 Boss. The confusing part about this though is that obtaining the loot requires a Key, and one charged at the appropriate Level. So for a Level 7 Boss Chest, a Charge Key x7 is needed. The unique loot that we know of is as follows: Warlock/Hunter/Titan EP Armor (we haven’t seen yet), Ikelos HC, Ikelos SMG, Ikelos SG, and Ikelos SR.
  • Two Relics will be available for use during EP. Crota’s Sword is returning and will drop from enemies with Ammo similar to current Power Weapon Swords. A new Relic, Valkyrie, will also be introduced. It is a Javelin Relic that can smash the ground from in air like the Iron Hammer Relic and be charged and thrown for more damage. To obtain this item, you must find Armory Codes during the Event (you can Stack up to 3), and use 1 to unlock a 1 time use of the Valkyrie. It works on a timer, and last about 20 seconds.


  • All Crucible Playlists are being recombined into Quickplay, Competitive, Weekly, and Trials (when available Fri-Tues at resets). This means ALL players, regardless of DLC ownership, will have access to Vanilla, Curse of Osiris, and Warmind Crucible Maps, and play in those same Playlists.
  • Destiny 2 is getting Private Matches similar to D1. Players will be required to own the DLC corresponding to those Maps to play them in Private Matches, but all Vanilla Maps will be available for all players.
  • Ranks are also being introduced to Crucible. Both Valor and Glory will consist of 6 Ranks: Guardian, Brave, Heroic, Fabled, Mythic, and Legend.
  • Valor Rank is progressed in Quickplay, Rumble, and Mayhem. Valor Points go up based on wins, and you can obtain up to a 2x multiplier for up to a 5 game winstreak. At 5 wins, you are reset to 0. Valor points never decline in a Season, but are reset each Season. Valor Caps at 2,000 Rank Points, and can be reset an infinite number of times per season once you reach Cap (think COD Prestige). Rewards are obtained each time you reach a new Rank in Valor (Tokens, Engrams, Masterwork Cores), and unique rewards are set based on the number of Valor Resets (Emblems, Ornaments, etc).
  • Glory Rank is only progressed in the Competitive Playlist. Glory Points go up based on wins, but down upon losses. Similar to Valor, Glory has winstreaks that stack to 5, but also loss streaks that stack to 5 as well. Glory Caps at 5,500, but only resets at the start of each Season. Glory has unique Rewards that are obtained only at the first arrival of a new Rank. Known rewards include Redrix Claymore at Fabled, and it’s Ornament (Glory and Grandeur) at Legendary. Redrix’s includes a new Perk called Desperado, which upon Outlaws activation, increases the fire rate to 600 RPM (faster than any other Pulse), but maintains highest Pulse impact. Each week, players between Guardian and Fabled will earn bonus Glory based on if they played 1-3+ Games. At Mythic and Legendary Ranks, Point Decay will occur unless players participated in at least 3 Games based on how many Games were played (0-2). Most who went to the Summit and even Bungie have mentioned they expect about the top 40% of Crucible players to obtain Fabled Rank and obtain the Redrix.
  • Going forward, when a new Season starts, new Valor/Glory Loot will become available, and the old Loot will leave (similar to Eververse). This means at the start of Season 4, Redrix's Claymore will no longer be obtainable.
  • The existing Matchmaking Algorithm (skill bucket as Bungie calls it) will be reset for the Competitive Playlist at the start of Season 3. This will allow all players an even start to their Glory Rank climb. The existing SBMM will then be used to match players.
  • Trials and Iron Banner WILL NOT increase either Valor or Glory since both have their own investment rewards that are considered separate from the Crucible.
  • To address Solo vs. Fireteam Matchmaking, going forward Bungie will be using a Modified Skill Value dependent on your Fireteam size. In other words, 4 Solo players should technically be better players on an individual level than a Fireteam. Bungie will use a “conservative” value at first, but can configure this value server side rather than with a full update, and will adjust it according to playtests when it goes Live.


  • Warmind is adding new Exotics, and old ones are returning. Returning Exotics include (Guns) Suros Regime, (Hunter) Sealed Ahamkara's Grasps, Frost-EE5's (which is very confusing considering we already have St0mp-EE5's), (Titan) Eternal Warrior, Armamentarium, (Warlock) Apotheosis Veil, and Claws of Ahamkara. New Exotic include (Guns) The Huckleberry SMG, Worldline Zero Sword, Polaris Lance Scout, (Hunter) Wormhusk Crown, Ophidia Spathe, (Titan) Wormgod Caress, Ashen Wake, (Warlock) The Oculus Xol, and Sanguine Alchemy. - The Verge.
  • Exotic Masterwork Weapons are also being deployed with 1.2.0. In Season 3, Exotics will have a new slot called a Catalyst. Catalysts can be found throughout Destiny 2's Activity list. Each Exotic lists where their Catalysts are going to be located, but it will be up to players to find them (some Exotics will not be available at launch, so if their Masterwork Catalyst spot is empty without a description, it isn't Live yet). Once found, a Catalyst will turn that Exotic into a Masterwork and will receive the same benefits as their Legendary counterparts (Orb created on Multi-kill and kill tracking). It will also unlock a "bounty like objective". Once completed, this will unlock the Final Masterwork State of that Exotic Weapon. 2 Catalyst Perks have leaked (Full-Auto for Vigilance Wing and Max Range for Crimson) and one was shown by Bungie for Coldheart (increased Stability/Reload Speed, though that may not be all Coldheart does as we haven't seen the actual perk). Duplicate drops of Exotic Weapons (this includes drops and Exotic Collections) will initialize at your current Masterwork State (if any was accomplished).
  • An Exotic Weapons Sandbox Update is also dropping to make Exotics feel powerful again...
    • Sturm and Drang are being buffed significantly when used together.
    • Graviton Lance will be a powerhouse in PvE (dropped to 2 shot bursts, Black Hole causes Bloom like Explosions).
    • Skyburner's Oath gets Grenade Launcher hipfire.
    • Rat King is getting a major buff when in a group of other Rats.
    • Tractor Cannon is getting an odd change that amplifies Void Damage dealt.
    • Hardlight is getting the ability to change Elements via holding down the Reload button like Borealis. It is also getting double damage on Ricochet bullets.
    • Borealis is getting a double damage buff if you break an enemy's shield of the same Element (this applies to PvP as well) until the mag is reloaded. This will allow players bodyshot kill with it in Crucible after activating this perk.
    • Riskrunners Arc Resistance has been increased to 50%, and can now activate in PvP from Arc damage, even when stowed, but is only active when Riskrunner is the active weapon.
    • Sweet Business has had it's Carrying Capacity increased to the max of 999 from 450.
    • D.A.R.C.I. has had its locked on damage bonus multiplier increased by 4x (the community strongly believes this is going from 3.5 to 7.5 multiplier on Crits as seen in Vid, not 4x actual damage, all other Snipers are normally 2.5-3.0 for Crits).
    • Fighting Lion's damage cone has been increased by pulling damage from the direct impact and placing it on the explosion.
    • Crimson has had an increased fire rate and damage. It now much more resembles Precision Hand Cannons.
    • Almost all Exotics are being touched in some way, these are just what we have been told about or shown.

Destiny Summit

Last week, a swathe of Content Creators were invited to Bungie to directly give feedback. This includes many well known Twitch/Youtubers who range is specialty of Destiny from PvE, PvP, and Lore. If you know such people, it was people like Datto, KingGothalion, Slayerage, TrueVanguard, Holtzmann, Ms5000Watts, Mtashed, DrLupo, MesaSean, Unknown Player, Myelin Games, etc, and even some well known Redditors like Mercules904 (the Weapons Spreadsheet guy). All of them came back with an overwhelmingly positive attitude about the future of Destiny 2, especially post September when much of their feedback will be implemented. Even more intriguing, after the weekend concluded, it was announced that Patrick "Holtzmann" Casey was hired temporarily as a "Gameplay Specialist" to work at Bungie over the next 3 months. Most will know Holtzmann as being the face and start of Planet Destiny, and more recently going solo and hosting the Destiny Community Podcast. Below are a few of the things discussed and things we learned coming out of the Destiny Summit.

  • In September we will be getting a new PvE End Game activity. One that many of those that attended say will be the new game mode to play, and will define Destiny 2 going forward.
  • Bungie showed off a change to fix a current issue, one they expected everyone there to love. It was received very poorly and lots of feedback was given. Most of those who attended have claimed a major disaster was averted by their feedback in this one area. According to Mercules904, it "would have caused a lot of consternation among players".
  • They discussed the upcoming changes to Weapon Randomization in great detail. The Content Creators handed a list of Pros/Cons for Random Rolls to Bungie and it sounds like they suggested some sort of mixed version of the two, but according to many of the Content Creators this will be on Bungie to decide and fix from now until September.
  • Weapon Slot changes were also discussed to great extent and shown. Most of the Content Creators seem think players will be much happier with the new Sandbox come September.
  • TTK in PvP was also discussed at length. Again, without talking about it, many of the Content Creators suggest players will be much happier with the Sandbox come September. It is very likely being reduced.
  • Private Lore discussions were had with Myelin Games, Mercules904, and Aer0Knight (in all honesty I don't know who this is) and Christopher Barrett and the Story Leads at Bungie. Myelin Games claims he told Bungie exactly what fans told him in a Questionnaire he post on Reddit. This mentioned a "childish" story, a wish for more Grimoire type lore in game, and where things like the Comics missed. Positive changes are being made on this front according to Mercules 904.
  • Mtashed claimed he talked rather frankly with Bungie about Loot, and it's distribution. He was pulled aside to talk 1 on 1 with Bungie Devs about it.
  • Subclass Customization was discussed and changes shown. Some, like Mercules904 feel like they could be good changes, but Bungie could also do more.
  • Mods, Shaders, and Vault Space were discussed. Changes to all of these are likely.
  • Nightfall Points system being implemented into other activities was discussed. This is likely happening in some form.
  • More Cosmetics from in game activities were mentioned. Positive changes were already being made on this front but it seems to only be continuing going forward.

Here is the list of Topics Content Creators are under NDA about from the Summit.

  1. Info on upcoming features
  2. Quotes from Bungie Devs
  3. Any direct info on the new mode
  4. Details on the sandbox changes
  5. Any info on weapons, perks, UI
  6. Any info from the director

Here is some of the information, directly from those who were there...

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I'm excited to have some new content to bring me back into the game.

The main thing I still want and have wanted since day 1 of the original Destiny is a 3 player raid or raid equivalent. So much easier to get 3 people together than 6.

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This is a damn good write-up. Nice work!

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This is a fantastic summary! I actually logged in for the first time in a while and got back into it on the hype of this. D2 is still a great game. I’m almost definitely going to grab this DLC unless if it has horrible reviews

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I want to point out another extremely credible, but unproven (as of yet) theory going around Reddit.

According to a post on Reddit, many think Sleeper Simulant is returning (I am one of them, and I will show you why). Taking a look at this Hunter in the background's weapon, you will notice what very much appears to be Sleeper Simulant. Of note, Linear Fusion Rifles and Fusion Rifles are the only weapons in D2 who have a Blue Flash due to early patch changes for Power Weapons, so this is 100% one of those two types of weapons. Sleeper Simulant also has a Green light just above the trigger and has the same 4 venting ports on the sides. Another interesting point, is that new Escalation Protocol weapons are called Ikelos "insert weapon name". This is interesting because the primary perk on Sleeper Simulant in D1 was "ACTIVATE IKELOS" and is what allowed Sleeper Simulant to ricochet off objects. Those that remember doing the Sleeper Simulant hidden Quest in D1, might remember that Reassembling the Ikelos Fusion Core was that Quest, and it tied in directly with Rasputin's Warsats.

Now, if we come back to the fact that Christopher Barrett has already talked about the fact that hidden Quests are returning to Destiny, doing so with one of the original hidden Quests, in a DLC that ties directly into the Warmind Rasputin... that would honestly be a massive missed opportunity if they didn't reintroduce Sleeper Simulant. Especially considering Linear Fusion Rifles are already the most under represented Power Weapon in Destiny 2, and one that doesn't have an Exotic tied to it yet.

So I'm putting this as highly likely, even though not confirmed.

Update: Christopher Barrett Post on the DDU Podcast suggests a possible Arg Hunt for Sleeper Simulant could start at the launch of Warmind... Can be seen on in a Tweet from Myelin Games here. Sleeper Simulant Grimoire from D1 is eerily similar. - Reddit Post.

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Update 2: Ha, MyNameIsByf already talked about Sleeper Simulant before this info came out, but he didn't post this video until after all of this came out, so I didn't see it. It sounds like he was speculating a return of Sleeper even before any of this information surfaced, simply based on lore connections...

Loading Video...

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I just updated this post, likely for the final time, before Warmind. Some of the additions from the TWAB include a change from 50 to 100 extra Vault Spaces, changes to both Sweet Business and Darci (which both look amazing btw, especially my new baby, Darci), weekly locked loadouts by Class per Account (this is due to a bug found before launch, I know it probably sucks for 3 Warlock players, etc, but it was necessary), Heroic and Legendary Nightfall Card changes, and lastly an addition of the new Eververse Prismatic Matrix (that kind of made me cringe having to write about it, I don't have good feelings about this, but for more on that feel free to check out our talks on Discord).

Overall, I feel like Warmind is probably putting Destiny 2 back into a position to be successful again. Bungie is making about 95% the right calls. But I think there will still be a certain % of the fanbase that won't be satisfied until some of the larger problems Destiny 2 launched with are addressed. Those things Content Creators harped on them to change come September. But from what we've been hearing coming out of the Summit, it does sound like the Community's voices have been heard, and Destiny 2 will be in a really good place when the major DLC launches in September.

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Thanks for writing all this!

I really wish they would bring back the books. I loved the books that they started introducing late in D1.

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