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    Disney Enchanted Tales

    Game » consists of 0 releases. Released Sep 08, 2016

    Disney Enchanted Tales is a mobile city building game in which players pick from Disney Animated Films to build their magical kingdom. As progression is made in the game, players are able to continue unlocking more stories in a choose-your-own-adventure style of game play.

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    Disney Enchanted Tales was launched in early September of 2016. The game focuses on the princess franchises of The Walt Disney Company and features characters from the animated films of Beauty and the Beast, Frozen, and Tangled. The players unlock additional characters from these films as they play through each story line, building out each kingdom as they progress.

    Game Play

    The core game play revolves around a loop of collecting characters, sending them on tasks which earns game currency, which then allows you to buy buildings and other objects to unlock more characters. The tasks which the characters are sent on are reference from their respective films that they appear in.

    Progression is tracked and guided by a quest log which leads the player through the story or stories that they've currently unlocked.


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