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    Disney Tsum Tsum

    Game » consists of 4 releases. Released Jan 29, 2014

    Disney Tsum Tsum is the fluffiest puzzle game ever! Collect, connect and pop Disney Tsum Tsum based on your favorite Disney Tsum Tsum plushes.

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    Disney Tsum Tsum (also known as LINE: Disney Tsum Tsum) is a free-to-play tile-matching puzzle game developed by NHN PlayArt and released by Line for iOS and Android devices in Japan on January 29, 2014, with a worldwide release on July 1, 2014.

    A video game tie-in with the Disney toyline of the same name, Disney Tsum Tsum has players clearing a playfield full of toys (called "Tsums") by dragging their finger or stylus over three or more adjacent Tsums of the same type. The playfield is constantly replenished from the top (with physics bringing them down), and players must score as many points as they can before the timer expires.

    As a free-to-play game, the game includes multiple currencies (including premium "Rubies" that are purchased with real money), a gacha system (for earning different Tsums), and a limited playtime system (where each round of the game costs one "heart" that can be refilled over time, or through other means).

    The game later received an arcade release in Japan on March 18, 2015 (with a limited overseas release sometime after). Developed and released by Konami, this version uses a unique dual-fitted arcade cabinet with a capsule toy machine in-between each station (which dispenses smaller Tsum Tsum toys can be scanned for use in-game). It also features touchscreen arcade controls, IC card support for stat-keeping (with e-Amusement Pass), and multiplayer support.

    It also received a Marvel-focused spinoff in 2016, titled Marvel Tsum Tsum, and is playable in the 2019 console game Disney Tsum Tsum Festival.


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