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Disney Fix

Disney is a big name. Starting with animation, it now has its name and fans everywhere. Disney video games have always been made scene first Idea of slapping characters into video game. Sadly many of these games don't make it or fall a little flat. So many reasons games can fall short, bad game play, bad art or just a useless story. Here is my list of games that have shined. Showing good story, art, and game play.

List items

  • For a Moble cute game, Tsum Tsum is my personal favorite. Only issue I have is the social media app it needs to work with Line. Line doesn't really like anything that isn't I phone, so iPads aren't great.

  • Fun and started giving Disney a good little adventure serise.

  • When they first posted the idea, I was excited but Epic Mickey sounded cool at first though but didn't win me. Disney infinity has won me over. I like how the figures interact with the game. (Nice lookin too) I enjoy that now they have made playset, cart racing and battle ground, there is a lot of game possible to play. Also, get creative. Very happy to get the house and land designing. Also, great to have so many platforms.

  • Remastered or not, duck tales showed a good plat form Disney themed game. Although the most like the original better and it is, getting the remaster is an easer task...unless you have a work NES.

  • Many of the kingdom hearts have been great. Not all, but most are very enjoyable. Story, game play, and art make for some great Disney games.

  • I found this enjoyable because it one, portable platform, has part sim, part adventure, and part collectible and just all fun for me.

  • It doesn't scream Disney as it has its own new characters but still great title with a Disney name. Fun comedy mystery, sad it was so quickly over looked.

  • Getting a simple skate with a nice Disney spin.

  • When everyone had to make a racing game, Disney did ok with there's.

  • Some may like the original, some my like the new. Ether way, it makes the cut of a Disney game to play.

  • Get a nice little Zelda kind of game with a Disney afternoon twist.