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Timon and Pumbaa's Jungle Games is a game released for the PC, SNES, and Mac which gives players free reign over a unique jungle arcade featuring five fun, familiar games but given a Lion King twist. These games include:
Burper: A variance of almost Space Invaders like game-play where bugs fall from the trees and Pumbaa scuttles from side-to-side trying to hit them with a well placed burp. Pumbaa can also release a belch which spreads covering a larger area and has the capability to take out large crowds of bugs. Pumbaa also has the chance to hit the bugs with a flick from his tail but these hits have to be timed perfectly.
Jungle Pinball: Is exactly what it's name says it is. It is a variance of any classic pinball game you've played somewhere along the line. With well timed and placed hits from the bumpers you can send the pinball careening around the machine and racking up maximal points. Beware of the " Tilt".
Sling Shooter: Almost reminds you of shooting spitballs at classmates when you were a kid. Objects drop from the canopy above, emerge from the trees on the sides of the screen, and some targets fly across the screen. There are "friendlies" which if hit will cost you time on your shot clock and bring the end of the round closer.
Hippo Hop: Hippo Hop is a Frogger clone set in the styling of the Disney universe. As Timon you must gather unique food item(s) that Pumbaa asks you for each round to help him with his barbecue. Each round the landscape changes and the level of difficulty increases slightly with a slight decrease in time. 
Bug Drop: Bug drop much like Hippo Hop is a clone of another well known game franchise: Tetris (or Puyo Puyo). As Timon or Pumbaa the player uses different colored bugs to beat the puzzle combo game set against a timer and the capability of your opponent. 
There is also a Scoreboard in the Jungle Arcade which allows the player the opportunity to see the scores and rankings of each games best player(s). 
There are also interactive points along the path of the Jungle Arcade which are each unique and even offer alternate animations and audio which make it fun to attempt to interact with your surroundings.

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