Divinity: Original Sin

    Game » consists of 7 releases. Released Jun 30, 2014

    Divinity: Original Sin is a top-down turn-based RPG developed by Larian Studios. It introduces new elements to the franchise, such as co-op gameplay and decision-making as well as a more interactive world.

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    Divine indeed. The important things and the little things add up to make this something truly special. 0

    Okay, this game truly came as a surprise to me. I'd heard of the Divinity series, but never played any of the games and wasn't even aware this was coming out. Then I saw the first minutes of this on UPF and I knew immediately I had to get it. And oh boy what a good decision that was, because this game is just amazing.Let's start this off with the game's world and combat system.The world is huge (even though it may not look like it at the start) and gorgeous and there's a lot of hidden stuff ever...

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    Adventure is Often Painful, but Worth It 0

    I love Divinity: Original Sin. It isn't without flaws, but I don't rate games on their technical excellence, or their lack of bugs. To me, a five star game must absorb more time than is normally required to complete the game, it must immerse me in a world that is somehow unique and interesting, and it must provide game mechanics that are not only addictive, but intelligently implemented and interesting. Divinity: Original Sin hits on all of these notes, and when it misses, it barely misses at al...

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    Stuck in the past 0

    Contrived skill and stat systems, ruthless difficulty, and party based dungeoning. We're back in the 90's, everyone. It's a shame that Divinity takes everything from the 90's instead of picking out the good parts. The combat system here is truly incredible, but all the systems that exist around it really aren't. Buggy quests, terrible writing, obtuse objectives, and awful voice acting make this game far inferior to its Kickstarted competitor, Pillars of Eternity, despite the fact that Divinity ...

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    Divinity Original Sin (PC) 0

    In a gaming world full of hand-holding, uninspired battle systems, and just sheer crap, Divinity is a shining diamond in the rough."The art direction is spot on, the colors brightly bring the world to life, and the character designs are great too."Loot-based, dungeon-crawling RPGs are never known for their graphics so I'm judging this on a level equivalent to similar games like Torchlight 2 and Diablo 3. I'm going to put this simply - Divinity is fucking gorgeous. The art direction is spot on, t...

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    A New Classic 0

    Instead of creating one 'main' character as in most RPGs, or creating an entire party that is relatively faceless as in Icewind Dale or Legend of Grimrock, you create two main characters. While this is intended to service a multiplayer campaign, it creates an interesting situation for single player. RPG players tend to let such created protagonists act as vague ciphers for themselves, but having two at once inspires some level of contrast between the two. This inspires a bit of actual role-playi...

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