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The Kong family is vacationing at Sun Sun Island when DK, Diddy, and Cranky notice a giant banana floating above the island's peak. Being banana-eaters, the Kongs travel toward it and discover that the banana is actually a banana spaceship. The ship begins to attack, but DK and Diddy quickly bring it to the ground.

A banana alien named Xananab exits the spaceship, and explains that he mistook the Kongs for Kremlings. Xananab had a confrontation with the Kremling Krew prior to the start of the game, in which the coveted Crystal Banana was stolen. The Crystal Banana is an item of tremendous power that comes from Xananab's home planet, and in the wrong hands can result in the destruction of entire planets. To apologize for destroying Xananab's spaceship, DK, Diddy, and Cranky agree to help Xananab and foil King K. Rool's latest plan.

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