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    Loosely based on TSR's Dungeons and Dragons pen-and-paper RPG, DND borrowed from D&D many of the things that later became staples of video games, such as player statistics, items, bosses, and leveling up.

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    The game dnd was developed by Gary Whisenhunt and Ray Wood and is loosely based on TSR's Dungeons and Dragons pen-and-paper RPG. It was developed from 1974-1975 and released to the academic community in the year 1975. Dirk Pellet and Flint Pellet were responsible for substantial enhancements and iterations from 1976-1985. While third in chronological order of known computer RPGs dnd is the first specifically created as a game rather than a teaching tool or exercise.

    dnd appropriated many elements from Dungeons and Dragons that have become staple in Games as a whole. Player statistics, thoughtful UI balance, items, bosses, leveling up, thoughtful narrative design and dungeon exploration are among the pioneered elements made standard in modern gaming.


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