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    Dodge Offset

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    A mechanic in character action games where the player can pause their combo to dodge an incoming attack, then continue the combo upon completion of said dodge.

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    The term "Dodge Offset" originates from the Bayonetta series by PlatinumGames where the first title allows players to suspend their place in a combo to continue it later. It has since gone on to become a recurring mechanic in most of the PlatinumGames projects.

    For a simple example, if a combo had five presses of the X button, the player would be able to continue at the 2nd to 5th X button press in that chain if they dodged once or multiple times between any of the presses.

    The execution of this mechanic varies from game to game with 2018's God of War has this mechanic assigned to the Step Dodge, but not the Roll Dodge while Bayonetta games need to play to hold the chosen attack button during the dodge to carry the combo string rather than start over.

    This mechanic is especially useful to extend the potential range of combos. It is also helpful for when later attacks have unique followups or desirable properties which would require too much risk to do without dodges.


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